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'The Angler' Cabana Shirt

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We can all relate to the allure of the Seven Seas, whether it’s the evocative scent of an ocean breeze, a decadent seafood feast, or taking a plunge with a satisfyingly hefty tool watch. And with oceans covering 70% of the planet, it’s little wonder that our lives – and our sense of style – have long been influenced by the deep blue. We’ve curated everything you need to get your wardrobe and grooming cabinet shipshape.

Les Garcons Jacquard Knit Tee, €410 (approx. £352)

Les Garcons Jacquard Knit Tee

We’re pretty sure the Beach Boys would approve of this knitted number from Casablanca. The Parisian brand, which uses only the finest materials, draws inspiration from some favourite sporting pastimes – in this case, hanging five. Crafted from a finely knitted cotton, this cheeky surfer tee has style and comfort in spades. So, even if you’re not much of a dab hand with a surfboard, you can at least look the part while sipping an Aperol spritz on shore.

Available at Casablanca Paris.

‘The Angler’ Cabana Shirt, $128 (approx. £92)

The Angler Cabana Shirt

Stateside brand Tombolo has an unashamed tongue-in cheek approach to the often-serious subject of fashion. Its Angler Cabana shirt is a fine case in point – because if you can’t get jazzy with your holiday wardrobe, when can you? Wear it on your next mackerel-fishing exploit (or more realistically, a staycation at Camber Sands) and you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons. We can’t guarantee it will improve your casting technique, though.

Available at Tombolo Company.

Midnight Beach Short Sleeve Cuban Shirt, £99

Midnight Beach Short Sleeve Cuban Shirt

Once the garb of sartorially challenged tourists and of course, Tom Selleck’s Magnum P.I., the aloha shirt has recently returned to the full glare of the style limelight. This tasteful number from London-based Percival is bold enough to wear with shorts during the day, but still sedate enough to work beneath a louche blazer after sundown. A worthy suitcase essential that packs in twice the style potential.

Available at Percivalclo.

Denim Caban Jacket, £1,500

Denim Caban Jacket

Few labels understand the concept of luxury better than Connolly. The brand prides itself in making garments and accessories that not only subvert classic designs in elegant fashion, but crucially, are built to endure. This Caban jacket is made from a lightweight denim with a breezy, unlined construction for added comfort. Its slightly slouchy cut gives it an eclectic cool that puts it a peg above your usual brass-button blazer.

Available at Connolly England.

Sport Swim Shorts Jacquard Copacabana Print, £190

Sport Swim Shorts Jacquard Copacabana Print

Choosing the right swim shorts can be a bit of a minefield. Too voluminous and you run the risk of being dragged down doing laps, too close-fitting and you can reveal, well, too much. Luckily, Frescobol Carioca – a brand that typifies the outdoorsy beach lifestyle that Brazilians are envied for the world over – knows exactly how to cut its cloth, as these natty jacquard shorts attest. Pull on a pair and start making waves.

Available at Frescobl Carioca.

Pleated Linen Trousers, £49.99

Pleated Linen Trousers

Spanish label Mango is one of the few high street names that manages to skilfully blend considered design and quality at a price that won’t leave your wallet looking famished. These linen trousers are an airier upgrade on wool iterations on balmy evenings and the drawstring waist delivers on comfort (and will undoubtedly be a blessing when you’ve been overindulging at the hotel buffet). Wear them with a printed shirt, deconstructed blazer and suede loafers and you’ll be all set to paint the (fishing) town red.

Available at Mango.

The Hewitt Merrick Boat Shoe, £340

The Hewitt Merrick Boat Shoe

Boat shoes are a summer staple, whether you actually own a two-mast schooner or not. But beyond the ubiquitous blue and tan options, it can be hard to find a pair that don’t look like everyone else’s down at the dock. Goral, a Sheffield-based cordwainer that has been making footwear in time-honoured fashion since 1936, has reimagined the classic design with its thoroughly modern Hewitt shoes – ideal for the man looking to add a bit of colour to his stride. The best news? The handstitched Blake construction means they can be re-soled, so they’ll still be going the distance long after your other pairs have met Davy Jones.

Available at Goral Shoes.

Marni Fisherman Sandals, £540

Marni Fisherman Sandals

These sandals from Marni combine practical wearability with an element of style, following in the trend of fussbet, or foot bed. The soles are designed to fit the contours of your foot perfectly with an overarching cage of technical ribbon keeping them snug. Ideal for walks along the sand, or walks in the surf, or walks along the deck of a boat or any other nautical walk you care to go on.

Available at Marni.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic, £645

Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Automatic

The coast can be a harsh environment for watches and unless you’re happy swimming in a multi-thousand pound diving watch, you’ll want something a little less pricy but just as stylish and robust. Hamilton’s Khaki Navy Scuba collection has a wide variety of accessible styles including this attractive olive green number. It also houses the H3 calibre, which has a whopping 80-hour power reserve, impressive for a watch under £1,000.

Available at Hamilton Watch.

Serengeti ‘Oatman’ Sunglasses, £165

Serengeti 'Oatman' Sunglasses

Given that you’ve only got one set of eyes, it pays to invest in a pair of shades that not only look the part but will defend your precious peepers from those nasty UV rays. These Oatman sunglasses from Serengeti nail that brief on both counts. The polarised lenses incorporate photochromatic and Spectral Control technology to respond swiftly to changing light conditions, guarding against macular degeneration and eliminating reflected glare to ensure your vision is as crystal clear as the waters you’re sailing (or in fact, if you’re just on a drive to the garden centre). As an added bonus, the frames are made from eco-nylon, which is derived from castor bean oil. That means no drilling for crude oil, which also means a happier blue planet.

Available at Serengeti.

Guanabana Maximus Fish Tote, £345

Guanabana Maximus Fish Tote

Guanabana have made a name for themselves by using traditional weaving techniques to produce their bags, working alongside South American tribes who have perfected the art over countless years. The Maximus Fish Tote depicts a school of red, blue and black fish in a funky pattern using geometric shapes.

Available at Matches Fashion.

Miansai Silver Anchor Bracelet, £120

Miansai Silver Anchor Bracelet

The anchor is one of Miansai’s signature designs, available in a variety of metals from steel to silver to gold. The bracelet version is presented on seaworthy nylon rope that is both rugged and charming, and it also allows for easy fit adjustment. The anchor as a symbol has many meanings, from safe harbour and home to adventure and a chunk of metal people throw in the sea for practical purposes. It’s small wonder it’s such a popular design in jewellery and Miansai execute on it perfectly.

Available at Miansai.

Loewe Easter Island Fisherman Hat, £325

Loewe Easter Island Fisherman Hat

Hats are one of the most import accessories for hot weather, they keep your head shaded from the sun and help to stop the worst of the glare. Loewe’s fisherman hats provide 360 degree protection and also 360 degree style, with a fun graphic design depicting trees on Easter Island. Loewe’s fisherman hats are made from canvas and calfskin.

Available from Loewe.

Victorinox Angler Swiss Army Knife, £46

Victorinox Angler Swiss Army Knife

There’s a Swiss Army knife for every occasion so it comes as no surprise that there’s also one for specialised for anglers. As well as the usual fare of screw drivers and can openers, it comes with a fish descaling tool and a hook disgorger. Calling it the ultimate multi-tool is redundant because it’s a Swiss Army knife and that’s a given. However, it’s cool that there’s one specialised for watery activities, its even emblazoned with a fish on the handle.

Available at Victorinox.

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