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Luxe Watches Opens New Watch Service Centre in Essex

Luxe Watches Service Centre

Buying and selling luxury watches can be a stressful endeavour, which is why the Essex-based boutique and online retailer Luxe Watches does everything in its power to make the process as smooth as possible. Whether that’s via their easy to use consignment system or their latest project, the opening of a new watch service centre. With the addition of the new centre, Luxe Watches are now the one stop shop for buying, selling, restoring and maintaining high quality luxury watches.

Luxe Watches Service Centre

The Luxe Watches service centre is operated in-house by experience watchmakers using authentic manufacture parts, tools and equipment. Which is very important as any deviation from this can result in your timepiece losing value rather than gaining it. It’s thought that having regular services for your watch can prevent the up to 40% value loss caused by wear and tear.

Nicholas Hickey, Managing Director at Luxe Watches, said: “We’re very excited to announce this new addition to Luxe Watches. The Service Centre is an extension of our passion for the expert craftsmanship of luxury watches. With a wealth of knowledge and love for horology, our team of skilled artisans strives to exceed your expectations. Even if your watch is past its prime, our watchmakers can help breathe new life into your timepiece with precision — no detail will be overlooked!”

Luxe Watches Service Centre

In terms of service packages, there’s the Full Service for general maintenance, Watch Glass Replacement, Bezel Repair, Battery Replacement and Polish & Refurbishment. The last of those is designed to return a watch to new condition, removing scratches and revitalising it in its entirety. However, you should consult their team of experts who are on hand before making such a big decision as in some cases maintaining a watch’s original parts and condition contributes to its provenance and value.

If you’re ever unsure about how to care for your watch, you can always bring it to the Luxe Watches boutique in Epping, Essex where staff are on hand to help and can recommend the best course of action, including sending it to the Service Centre directly.

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