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Luxe Watches Make Selling Your Watches for High Value Easy with New Consignment System

Luxe Watches

Luxe Watches are a high end watch retailer that has been involved in luxury watch sales for over a decade now. However, just because they’re well established now doesn’t mean they’re satisfied to rest on their laurels. Following the opening of their boutique in Epping two years ago, they are now launching their new consignment system, making it easier than ever for collectors to sell their watches with Luxe Watches. It’s also the case that watches sold through consignment often achieve higher values than watches sold directly to a dealer.

The consignment system essentially means that Luxe Watches will market and sell your watch on your behalf. This means that the watch will have the best chance of reaching its full potential as it will have access to Luxe Watches’ full complement of experts, contacts and services. The watch will be stocked in the Epping giving it maximum visibility for interested parties.

Luxe Watches

Of course, the goal of selling your watch is to attain the best possible, fair price. To that end, the consignment operates with a fixed price system. What that means is that when you decide to consign your watch, you and Luxe Watches will come to an agreement on the amount of money from the sale that you will receive regardless of the final sale price of the watch. It’s a safe way to guarantee yourself a good price for your watch without the hassle of having to sell it yourself.

As for the timeline you can expect, Luxe Watches aim to sell every consignment watch within 30 days of receiving the watch – watches are most commonly transported to the boutique personally by the consignee, although Luxe watches can arrange for shipping at the consignee’s expense. Considering how slow the watch industry can be (we’ve all heard horror stories of years long waiting lists) a single month is not a long time to wait at all. Naturally, depending on the specifics of the watch being sold the timeline can shift.

In celebration of the launch of the consignment system Luxe Watches has also debuted a new video detailing the process. To learn more about selling your watch, you can visit their website or boutique at 219 High Street, Epping, CM16 4BL. They’ve got the friendly service of your local dealer with the international and multi-channel influence of a larger retailer – the perfect combination. The consignment service is available to collectors both in the UK and internationally.

More details at Luxe Watches.

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