Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX Limited Edition Watch

Fallout 76 may be an objective mess – seriously, it’s full of more bugs than a post-apocalyptic cockroach colony – but that doesn’t mean some good can still come of the series. Granted it might not be officially licensed, but the new collaborative effort by pilots’ watch specialists Laco and ABlogToWatch does the iconic series slightly more justice than publisher Bethesda’s current attempt.

The RAD-AUX shows off everything Laco can do in the aviation world. The case is based on their Flieger line, the original German pilots’ watch, with a dial using the artificial ageing techniques perfected in their Erbstück collection. This watch though looks more than just ‘aged’.

Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX Limited Edition Watch

In the Fallout universe, even the cleanest of hotel rooms are… well, grubby, and the RAD-AUX is just that. The 42mm stainless steel case looks to have survived not just a nuclear blast but a few decades travelling the resulting wastelands too. It’s beaten, dirty and perfect for a Lone Wanderer. Fortunately, the movement inside – an ETA 2824 – seems unaffected by the RAD-AUX’s condition.

Radiation seems to have had its way with the watch too, given that there’s a fade to the dial that indicates burn from radium, an old and highly radioactive lume. The dial’s been painted to show there might be some of it left too – though we’ve been assured that’s not the case and the RAD-AUX is safe to wear.

Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX Limited Edition Watch

The orange highlights on the dial are a much-needed touch of brightness sure, especially the symbol for radiation, but they’re also a subtle hint to the colours of the iconic Fallout Pip-Boy. The Pip-Boy, in case you’ve never played the games, is a retro wrist-mounted computer with overlays in that very shade of orange. It’s a little less wearable than the Laco though.

Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX Limited Edition Watch

Flip the watch over and the reverse shows one of the most important bits of information for gallivanting across a radioactive wasteland: an exposure chart. It shows how long you can be exposed for and how that might make you feel, in a pop-psychology, ‘my first radiation sickness’ array of smiley faces.

The watch comes on a choice of green canvas or chunky distressed leather, complete with an equally worn bund backing. I normally detest bunds, but in this case, it works to fill the void of a Pip-Boy. The watch also comes with plenty of documentation, equally aged and bearing the symbol of Fallout’s New California Republic: an irradiated two-headed bear.

Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX Limited Edition Watch This is of course a limited edition, with just 143 pieces worldwide. At $2,950 (around £2,340) we’re sure that they’ll go quicker than spaces at a fallout shelter when China drops the big one.

Price & Specs:

      • Model name: Laco Auxiliary Observer RAD-AUX Limited Edition
      • Dial/Case: 42mm diameter x 13mm thickness, stainless steel case
      • Movement: Swiss caliber ETA 2824.2 (25 jewels)
        28,800 Alterations per hour (4Hz)
      • Power reserve: 38hrs
      • Price & Availability: $2,950 USD, limited to 143 Pieces

Find out more on Laco’s website.