It wasn’t long ago we reviewed Garrick’s beautifully classic, nautically-themed Portsmouth watch. It was nice, subtle and refined. The S1 is something else. The most elaborate watch to date from the fine British watchmakers, the open dial puts all the inner workings on full display.

Thanks to the case shape, there’s also an odd feeling of depth while looking at it and yes, it’s very, very gold. Well, the colour at least, not the precious metal. The material in question is actual copper alloy Sircumet. It has a lot of great properties all its own but more than anything it looks fantastic.

Garrick S1

Like the Portsmouth the finishing is next-level superb, far above what you can expect from most British watchmakers (and Swiss for that matter); unlike the Portsmouth though, this is an overt showstopper.

Price & Specs:

Model name: Garrick S1
42mm diameter, 316L Stainless Steel
Water resistance:  100m
Movement: Exclusive Garrick calibre UT-G02 manual wound mechanical movement
Power reserve: 45 hours
Price: £27,995 (inc vat)

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