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Introducing the Ming 19.01 Limited Edition

Ming 19.01

It must be frustrating being a watch photographer, especially if you have an eye for designed yourself. All day, sat behind the camera, despairing at the glare flashing from far too many diamonds… they must just want to show the watchmakers how it’s done. Which is precisely what Ming Thein did.

Ming 19.01

Ming 19.01

A renowned studio photographer, in August this year he revealed his own horological project, the Ming 17.01. It was nice, if simple. Not so the newest version. In fact, the 19.01 is distinctly high watchmaking. Between the Schwarz Etienne skeletonised movement, 100-hour power reserve and a dial pulled out of a futurism manifesto, the fledgling brand is really upping its game. It’s prices too; the Ming 19.01 will wear a price tag of 7,900 CHF, but if you pre-order on Ming Watches’ website before 31st Dec 2017 you can get it for a discount rate of 6,800 CHF. It’s not quite a Ming vase, but it’s getting there.

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