Home Grown Club is the Entrepreneurial Off-Shoot to Home House That London Needs

Home House Private Members Club

Home House is one of the London members’ clubs, a haven of old school decadence where the capital’s well- heeled social elite can let loose behind closed doors. It’s legendary. It’s also not quite what everyone looks for in a members’ club. It’s fantastic for socialising, but with its traditional luxury and emphasis on having a good time, it’s not the best place for making a business deal. Home Grown Club however, is.

Set in a stunning six-storey Georgian building, Marylebone-based Home Grown is the entrepreneurial offshoot of Home House proper. Stylistically, it has all the striking, charmingly flamboyant aesthetics we’ve come to expect from a London club, but there’s more to it than simply letting loose.

Home Grown Mews Room

Home Grown Club ‘Mews Room’, from £285 (member’s rate) or £345 per night.

The idea is to offer a secluded getaway for entrepreneurs, business owners a genuinely useful space in which to work and network. Partly, that’s done by ensuring members have a great place to eat and drink, with the club restaurant offering fantastic, locally-sourced (you could even say home grown) food, but also by offering a place to stay.

If you’re in town for a business meeting and don’t want the hassle of getting a late train or flight back, then the 35 Russell Sage-designed bedrooms offer unparalleled access to the city. Plushly bijou, they’re comfortable in a way that’s a world apart from a sterile hotel, no matter how exclusive.

Home Grown Private Pitching Room

Home Grown Club ‘Private Pitching Room’.

So far though, these are things that would be useful for any members, not just businesses. Even the meeting rooms would be useful for private parties. What really sets Home Grown apart however is their members events.

Home Grown events aim to help businesses grow by offering talks about everything from hiring the right talent and skills to nurturing community and wellbeing. They cover pretty much every technical and social impact of running a business, leveraging expertise to provide an authoritative understanding of potential problems and solutions – in short, the kind of entrepreneurial insights that you just won’t get anywhere else.

Home Grown The Secret Salon

Home Grown Club ‘The Secret Salon’.

Sure, if you’re just after a members’ club solely for the social aspect, then there are plenty to choose from, whether that’s Home House or one of London’s many, many other options. But if you want to get more out of your membership than access to a snazzy bar with an intimidating top shelf, then Home Grown may just be one of the best options in the capital.

More details at Home Grown.

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