Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 8

Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 8

It takes a lot to make a tourbillon stand out nowadays. What was once the be all and end all of haute horology is almost passe with its inclusion in every nook and cranny of watchmaking. In the latest Histoire de Tourbillon however, Master of Diamonds Harry Winston has done what nobody expected: they’ve made the tourbillon interesting again.

If from the name you were expecting something traditional, think again. The craft might be ancient, but the collection is pure contemporary watchmaking. Rather than a single tourbillon, each watch is fitted with a pair of bi-axial tourbillons on a 30 degree axis.

Harry Winston Histroire de Tourbillon 8

It seems that Harry Winston have been taking tips from Greubel Forsey in that respect; the 30 degree slant means that, unlike most tourbillons, these are actually useful in making the movement more accurate.

Despite all the intricacies involved, including the coaxial barrels to power the mechanism, the entire watch is surprisingly light, mainly thanks to using titanium throughout the movement. It might not be an easy metal to work with, but it certainly makes the watch more comfortable to wear.

Harry Winston Histroire de Tourbillon 8

Available in black or red, both cases are made from 18k white gold and finished with the kind of levels you’d expect from Harry Winston. There are only 20 available in the world – understandable given the technical mastery required for each – making this eighth entry into the Histoire de Tourbillon line one of the most exclusive.

The tourbillon may be all too common a sight in watchmaking, but not when done like this.

Harry Winston Histroire de Tourbillon 8

Connoisseur’s Corner

  • 8th model in the Histoire de Tourbillon collection
  • The movement houses two bi-axial tourbillons slanted at 30 degrees
  • 55 hour power reserve
  • 18kt white gold case
  • Limited to 20 pieces worldwide
  • Price: 577,000 CHF

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