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Everton’s Manager Marco Silva on Being an Ambassador for Cvstos Watches

You played in Portugal – how does it compare to England?

There were always just a few good players – perhaps one, two or three. Now it is changing a little bit but it’s always the same; play forward and try to score. It’s tough work.

How did your relationship with Cvstos start?

My agent introduced me to a shop in Lisbon which retails Cvstos, then I met the designer Antonio at Salon International Genève – and everything went from there.

From left: Antonio-Terranova, Marco Silva and Sassoun Sirmakes

Marco Silva with Cvstos’ co-founders Antonio-Terranova and Sassoun Sirmakes

Do you guys have any plans to create a collaboration piece? We’re aiming for it to be the next step in a few months. Did you have an interest in watches before Cvstos?

Yes, but a general interest. Since starting this partnership I’m more interested in watches, having visited the Cvstos factory and understanding how complex it is to build them. What other luxuries would you say are comparable? For me something which serves a purpose – design is important, but practicality more so. As a football manager is there anything you look for in a watch? José Mourinho has a Hublot extra time complication… Looking at the time during the match is a habit, but for me I like to feel comfortable with design.

How long have you been in England now?

A year, and before that I was in Lisbon and Greece.

Marco Silva with a Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Power Reserve Steel 'Blue'

Marco has gone from footballer to coach and is now also an ambassador for Cvstos

How does the food culture in the UK compare to the incredible food of your home city Lisbon?

The food is different but I can adapt easily. I was in Greece and the food was very similar to Portugal. When I am working breakfast and lunch is important, and I like to find a restaurant that serves good fish.

Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Power Reserve Steel 'Blue'

Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Power Reserve Steel ‘Blue’

Can you recommend any London-based Portuguese restaurants?

Unfortunately not – none that I have come across so far, at least. Are you looking to stay in management in the UK? Definitely, this is what I am aiming for in my career.

Marco Silva

Marco Silva with a Cvstos Challenge Chrono II Power Reserve Steel ‘Blue’

Is there anyone in management you admire or aspire to emulate?

Of course. When you start in this career you have some people you admire and try to follow in their footsteps, but even as a professional in my career I try to learn everyday as a player and now as a coach. It is important to pay attention to everything and evaluate, but also to build my own identity.

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