Reclaim Formal Style with the Ettinger Heritage Burlington Briefcase

Ettinger Heritage Burlington Briefcase

In this age of ever more casual wardrobes, where slinging on a luxurious hoody is enough to count as workwear, sometimes it’s satisfying to go back to the formal days of yore. Think of the classical businessman, what comes to mind? A sharp suit of course, likely a three-piece, and an impeccably knotted tie as a given. But what really finishes the look, the one thing that’s become shorthand for traditional professionalism, is an attaché case. And when it comes to the not-so- humble attaché case, think Ettinger.

The British leather specialist’s been working in London since the first half of the 20th century, so classical pieces are very much their forte, whether it’s their recent collaboration with William Morris or their fine leather watch rolls (I’ll give you three guesses why we like them). Bags, however, are where those decades of expertise shine. Briefcase in point, the Heritage Burlington.

As the name suggests, the Heritage Burlington is very much on the classical end of the spectrum, an ode to the bygone era of bowler hats on bankers. That means a sleek, sophisticated silhouette in a gorgeous, dark, nut- coloured leather. It is available in a lighter brown or more formal black, but the oxbloody-adjacent nut is the perfect backdrop for Ettinger’s signature golden brass lock clasp. It doesn’t just say you’re in business; it says you’re doing bloody well at it.

The leather itself is full-grain Buttero, which alongside being tactile in the extreme, shows natural variations from briefcase to briefcase. This makes each bag individual from the get-go and all the more so once the leather takes on the patina of age. It won’t be long before the heritage design’s indistinguishable from a carefully kept vintage original.

Ettinger Heritage Burlington Briefcase

From a practical standpoint, the Heritage Burlington has one main gusset with enough room for a laptop, papers and the like, but one that when it’s not full, keeps relatively svelte. So that your recently signed contracts don’t get voided by poor packing and a hefty Macbook, there’s also two A4 slip pockets, one inside and one outside. Both are lined with Ettinger’s gold monogrammed jacquard fabric for that stealthy flash of luxury that denotes serious craftsmanship.

Yes, laptop bags and rucksacks have eclipsed the traditional briefcase in the main, and in many ways they’re a lot more practical. But there will always be a special sartorial place for the attaché case – with Ettinger’s Heritage Burlington very near the top of that refined business pantheon.

More details at Ettinger.

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