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Finding the Perfect Delugs Watch Strap for Your Collection


It’s understandable that a vintage strap will eventually give out; time’s not kind to many materials. But sometimes even the strap that comes with a shiny new watch just isn’t enough. Whether that’s colourful enough, solid enough, or comfortable enough it doesn’t matter – the bottom line is that you need a new strap.

Whatever your personal reasoning behind just why your everyday beater would look better in bright orange leather, there are some seriously cool makers out there worth looking at. Case in point, Delugs watch straps.

Delugs Straps

It’s hard to pin down precisely what makes Delugs one of the premier strapmakers around today. They encompass a huge number of styles and more colours than a rainbow-set bezel, across leathers, rubbers, fabrics, you name it. There is a certain classicism to Delugs, but it’s more in their approach to the craft more than the style. Elements like classical saddle stitching, overcutting and their entire artisanal approach to the finer details are a marked cut above the norm.

Delugs Signature Strap Matte Navy
Delugs Signature Strap Dark Brown

That all said, Delugs does have a Signature Strap that’s come to define what they do, at least in part. It’s similar to the stock strap on most watches, fully stitched along the perimeter with tapered padding, a full lining and painted edges. It strikes that delicate balance between sturdy and wearable, and is one of the most versatile types of leather strap around. Provided you’re not putting it on an ultra-thin Piaget Altiplano, it’ll suit almost anything. All you need to do is pick the leather.

Delugs Vacheron Constantin Overseas Strap

That leather is a hallmark of Delugs quality. You won’t find any blemishes here. Some might say a mark here or there adds character, but those people are in denial. Not only do marks lead to frustratingly imperfect straps, but they also show that the animals the leather came from might not have been treated all that well. The cuts and scrapes come from somewhere. Hence Delugs only going for leathers with the bare minimal of blemishes on them. And let’s be honest, there’s no point making straps out of the material if the end result isn’t going to live up to whatever watch it ends up on.

Delugs Alligator Leather
Delugs Alligator Leather Strap

That’s as true of your standard calfskin as it is more exotic fare. Obviously, the latter is a lot trickier to work with – alligator needs to be thinned to make it actually wearable, for example – but those same standards apply across the board. That even applies to their leather of the month, a new custom material introduced, you guessed it, every month.

Rather than wax lyrical too much about Delugs straps – the proof after all is in the wearing – let’s have a look at a trio of their straps to suit three very different watches.

Bordeaux Chevre Slim Strap, £68.75

Bordeaux Chevre Slim Strap

Have a Cartier Tank or Reverso in need of a not-quite-facelift? You could do well than a flash of flair Francoise with a splash of Bordeaux. This Chevre Slim Strap is made from gorgeous chevre leather with the kind of exceptional, pebbled grain that’s shorthand for old- school quality. It’s slightly shiny, very dressy and eminently suited to a sharp suit and even sharper watch.

Baby Blue Vacheron Constantin Overseas CTS Rubber Strap, £235.19

Delugs Baby Blue Vacheron Constantin Overseas CTS Rubber Strap
Delugs Baby Blue Vacheron Constantin Overseas CTS Rubber Strap

Finding a new strap for a watch normally on an integrated bracelet is easier said than done, especially when it has a proprietary quick-change system a la Vacheron Constantin’s superlative Overseas. And yet that’s precisely what Delugs have built here from light blue CTS rubber; supple and lightly embossed. It does come in other colours, but for our money this particular flash of baby blue is absolutely perfect.

Brown Buttero Chunky Strap, £68.75

Delugs Brown Buttero Chunky Strap

Your classic mil-spec pilot or field watch would just look strange on anything too delicate, and if you’re after that vintage tool watch look then rubber is out of the question. This Buttero leather number will patina as elegantly as your bronze Panerai, a strap designed to embrace wear and tear like nothing else. Marks will fade as the leather darkens, making this one of the few straps that will gain more personality as it ages, rather than just falling apart.

Of course, if none of these straps strike your fancy, Delugs also offer a full custom service. We won’t dwell too much on what that means; you can probably guess. Pick your size, pick your style and pick your leather. If you’re particular about every little detail, this is the route for you. Either way, custom or off-the-shelf, the quality is the same. That is to say, exceptional.

More details at Delugs.

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