Coolest Stealth Wealth Accessories For Low Profile Luxury

Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Limited Edition Fountain Pen, €4,995 (approx. £4,240)

Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Limited Edition Fountain Pen

2023 marks 60 years of the ultimate stealth wealth icon (if taken very literally), James Bond, and Montegrappa have been getting in on the act with, of course, a stunning limited edition. As we’ve come to expect from the Italian maestro of writing instruments, the Spymaster is rife with 007 details, from the pistol grip rifling on the black barrel to the ink system, which is reloaded using brass bullets. A great pen is already a solid way to subtly flash the cash, but this particular take on the Ian Fleming cannon is worthy of a globe-trotting superspy.

Available at Montegrappa.

Oliver Co Premium Classic Bi-Fold Wallet, £99

Oliver Co Premium Classic Bi-Fold Wallet

There’s nothing like a classic leather bi-fold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be eco-conscious with it too. Despite its deep black lustre akin to fine leather, Oliver Co’s premier wallet is entirely plant-based, using material derived from apples. With eight pockets, a 10-card capacity and a note section large enough to hold plenty of walkabout cash and (unless you’re spending stealthily too) your receipts, it’s also supremely practical. In short, it’s a necessity done right.

Available at Oliver Co.

Tateossian Black Diamond Rotor Cufflinks, £1,850

Tateossian Black Diamond Rotor Cufflinks

With more of a rock ‘n’ roll vibe than the dainty, glitzy look of their lighter cousins, black diamonds are the kind of precious stone that men’s jewellers love. It’s obviously luxurious, but in a way that whispers rather than shouts. These handsome pendulum cufflinks from Tateossian combine the diamonds with blacked-out, rhodium-plated silver and a pendulum that watch fans will instantly recognise as a rotor, backed by a touch of mother-of-pearl for contrast.

Available at Tateossian.

Fantom X Wallet, £96

Fantom X Wallet

If there’s one thing you don’t want to flash about it’s your cards, so the Fantom X keeps them safe, secure and stealthy. The blacked out, carbon fibre fan wallet isn’t just a svelte bit of kit, as it’s able to hold all your cards, cash and keys (yes, even keys), but it’s been stress tested to the nth degree for assured durability. If you have more specific needs, the Fantom X has plenty of modular attachments to choose from, but even at its baseline, it’s one of the slimmest, sleekest bits of stealth wealth around.

Available at Fantom.

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