Best Once in a Lifetime Experiences to Gift This Christmas

One Week C-Explorer 5 Sub Charter, €80,000 (approx. £70,420)Charter-A-Sub

Billionaires might be obsessed with space but some of the most alien landscapes you could imagine can be found right here on Earth. We’re of course talking about the world waiting to be discovered below the surface of the ocean, and you can experience it in comfort and luxury with a privately chartered submarine. Charter A Sub is the official submarine chartering service of U-Boat Worx, one of the premier submersible manufacturers.

Their service allows you to rent a submarine capable of diving to depths of up to 300m, plus all the required crew, pilots, and equipment is provided. You can even charter a yacht capable of carrying it all if you don’t have a suitable vessel – meaning there are virtually no limitations on where your underwater adventure can be located.

More details at Charter-A-Sub.

Atelier d’Antoine: Master the Art of Watchmaking

Atelier d’Antoine Master the Art of Watchmaking

As watch specialists, we often take our chances to visit some of the most magnificent manufacturers in the world for granted. But now you too can appreciate fine watchmaking in the… well, making – and not just at some low-key seminar. We’re talking Jaeger-LeCoultre, one of the grandest maisons in Switzerland, which is offering a horological experience of a lifetime with Atelier d’Antoine.

Hosted in a dedicated space in JLC’s historic Le Sentier manufacturer, you can discover all there is to know about the watchmaker and Swiss watchmaking in general via workshops, tours, and masterclasses, alongside specially themed rooms – this year’s delving into Jaeger-LeCoultre’s current stellar odyssey. A rare insight behind the usually opaque bar between watches and how they’re made, this is a serious opportunity for any watch lover, whether they own a Reverso or not.

Prices from CHF 40 (approx. £35); Masterclasses from CHF 300 (approx. £265)

More details at Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Loan Luxury Italian Grand Tour

Loan Luxury Italian Grand Tour

Italy is a country built for driving. Between the jaw dropping scenery and penchant for spectacular sports cars, there are few better places for a grand tour. Loan Luxury is an Italian company offering bespoke grand tour experiences with an extensive fleet of luxury sports cars ready for you to jump behind the wheel of.

In their stable you can find cars like the Aston Martin DB11 Volante, Audi R8 Spyder, Ferrari Roma, Lamborghini Huracan and many, many more. Example trips include the Lake Como Tour, which circumnavigates the entirety of the famous lake. Alternatively, they offer a totally bespoke experience where you help to shape the itinerary, covering any corner of Italy, travelling in convoy with multiple supercars that you can swap between at a moment’s notice.

More details at Loan Luxury.

Uruguay Active Seven Day Expedition, $9,995 (approx. £9,020)

Butterfield Uruguay Active

Sometimes the best experiences are about taking it slow and enjoying life at your own pace. That’s the mantra of Butterfield & Robinson, which offer numerous experiences across the globe that are designed to combine sporty activity, gorgeous local cuisine, and comfortable accommodation.

Take for example the Uruguay Active adventure, a seven day expedition involving cycling and kayaking with stops at the Bodega Garzon winery. There’s nothing that can compare to exploring a new country by bike, experiencing the local culture at street level, and reaching areas that you simply can’t access when you’re tied down to a car.

More details at Butterfield & Robinson.

Shackleton Challenges

Shackleton Challenges

Ernest Shackleton is one of the greatest heroes of Antarctic exploration, and with the Shackleton Challenges extreme polar expedition and training crew you can relive his adventures all over again. The South Pole Last Degree Challenge recreates the final stretch of Shackleton’s journey to the South Pole and consists of a 12-day ski expedition across some of the harshest terrain on the planet.

This is not for the faint of heart as it requires supreme fitness and mental fortitude as you battle against the elements. If you’re looking to get the polar experience without quite so much of a challenge, they also provide more accessible adventures such as the Finse Polar Skills Challenge. It’s suitable for novices and teaches you the core skills needed over a six day trip in Norway.

Price: £59,995 (South Pole Last Degree Challenge) and £6,495 (Finse Polar Skills Challenge).

More details at Shackleton.

Air Zero G Experience, from €6,900 (approx. £6,050)

Air Zero-G Experience

By now we’re all familiar with the concept of Zero G flights. Board a plane, climb into the air, experience weightlessness, float around, take some photos. However, such a simple description doesn’t do justice to what is truly a magical, once in a lifetime experience.

And we speak with first hand experience because back in April we sent a member of the Oracle Time team to check it out alongside watchmaker Zenith. Air Zero G operate out of Bordeaux, in France, and offer a full range of zero g experiences ranging from public flights to private events and scientific research. It certainly makes for a memorable birthday or wedding.

More details at AirZeroG.

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