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Aventi Explore Mortality with A13 Ghost in Mirror and Tyamine

Aventi A13 Gost Mirror

When I think of Aventi, I think of dynamic sapphire watches with rich colours and skeletonised haute horology movements. So, essentially, I think of the Wraith. However, the A13 Ghost introduces a twist on that formula in the form of a titanium case, with a mirror or Tyamine finish, and a ‘Memento Mori’ dial featuring a sapphire skull.

Aventi A13 Gost Mirror

‘Memento Mori’ or ‘Remember Death’ is a theme that is often depicted in watchmaking. It’s understandable why, the ticking hands of time are an ever-present signifier of the inevitable onward march toward our final destination. To represent this, Aventi have created a sapphire skull that floats above the skeletonised dial. What makes this skull special is that it’s made from a single sapphire crystal, which takes over 500 hours to produce with its 160 facets, 200 edges and thickness of just 2.3mm.

Aventi A13 Gost Mirror

A cool touch is the way that the skull interacts with the movement on display below. Specifically, the empty eye sockets have been lined up with the movement’s jewels to create the impression of pupils. For the skull’s left eye, they’ve actually added an IGI-certified ruby expressly for the purpose of giving it a cyborg-like red glow. The skull’s mouth opening also reveals the calibre GT-01S’s tourbillon. The GT-01S is manual wind with a 105-hour power reserve, 5000G shock resistance and 2000 gauss magnetic resistance.

Aventi A13 Gost Mirror

The skull display and movement are contained within the 44mm x 49mm titanium case, finished with hand polishing to give it a mirror sheen. Hence the name Ghost Mirror. It’s notoriously difficult to polish titanium and only certain alloys can have this level of finishing, leading Aventi to use the highest quality Grade 5 titanium. Design wise, the case follows Aventi’s signature style with 9 sides in a wedge-like shape and 92 facets.

Aventi A13 Gost Mirror

Another interesting factor of the case is that because titanium is incredibly lightweight, as is the sapphire skull, the Aventi A13 Ghost Mirror is an incredibly light watch on the whole. Which means it’s ghost by name and ghost by nature because of how easy it is to wear, despite the fact that it’s fairly large.

Aventi A13 Gost Tyamine

There is a second version the A13 Ghost too, the A13-02 Tyamine™. Instead of the mirror polish, the titanium case is coated with a proprietary material called Tyamine™, a carbon coating that’s blended with graphite and diamond. It adds an extra layer of scratch resistant protection while adding a sparkling finish similar to that found in aventurine glass.

Aventi A13 Gost Mirror

Due to the complex construction and materials involved, both the Aventi A13 Ghost Mirror and Tyamine have limited production, with 15 pieces in each version available per month. The Mirror edition is priced at CHF 13,550 and the Tyamine is CHF 14,850 (approx. £12,240/£13,415) both of which are good prices for an haute horology watch with sapphire decoration. Just remember, your time is ticking.

Price & Specs:

  • Model: Aventi A13 Ghost
  • Case/dial: 44mm x 49mm diameter, titanium case with either mirror or Tyamine finishing, skeletonised dial
  • Water resistance: 50m (5 bar)
  • Movement: Aventi calibre GT-01S, manual winding
  • Power reserve: 105h
  • Functions: Hours, minutes, tourbillon
  • Strap: Forged carbon rubber
  • Price/availability: CHF 13,550 (approx. £12,200) (mirror)  and CHF 14,850 (approx. £13,415) (Tyamine)

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