Whether you’re looking to piece together a defining outfit for your hedonistic pleasures, or acquire a Pièce de Résistance to cement an epic wanton experience in the minds of all who behold you, the mantra of ‘go bold, or go home’ is very relevant. We’ve looked at a number of garments that will elevate your look, combining classic and contemporary styles to suit; think decadent meets brash meets epicurean.

Baudoin & Lange Sagan Classic Tassel Loafer, £365

Baudoin & Lange Sagan Classic Tassel Loafer

Elegance can carry throughout an outfit and footwear counts for a good part of that. Baudoin & Lange creates tasteful Belgian loafers that can go with any outfit, so put your best foot forward in a pair of the Sagan classic loafers to live out your hedonistic dreams.

Available here.

Aires Gold Chain Printed Cottonvelvet Jacket, £650

Aires Gold Chain Printed Cottonvelvet Jacket

Bring a bit of bling into your hedonistic outfit with this velvet Aires jacket featuring a large gold chain print. Show some attitude in how you carry yourself as well as with what you wear and you’ll have just enough swagger to pull this off.

Available here.

John Smedley Cherwell Extra Fine Merino Roll Neck, £165

John Smedley Cherwell Extra Fine Merino Roll Neck

When there’s so much attention on shirts and bow ties with evening wear, it’s easy to miss alternatives. A fine-knit roll neck gives the likes of a smoking jacket a classy alternative look. Probably more effective at an outdoor soirée, they can be a great support act to your jacket and can be used to subdue something that would otherwise be a little bit loud.

Available here.

Balenciaga Cropped Check Cotton-Flannel Trousers, £675

Balenciaga Cropped Check Cotton-Flannel Trousers

Tartan trousers are cool again (if they ever weren’t). They can be worn as an alternative evening wear with an array of smoking or tuxedo jackets. These particular ones from Balenciaga, however, have a luxe fashion feel with a contemporary cut to boot which gives you options to play around with your choice of outfit.

Available here.

Kingsman Ivory Faille-Trimmed Cotton, Linen and Silk-Blend Tuxedo Jacket, £1,250

Kingsman Ivory Faille-Trimmed Cotton, Linen and Silk-Blend Tuxedo Jacket

Stand out with a different sort of tuxedo jacket in a luxurious cotton, linen and silk blend and be the envy of everyone in the postcode. The understated nature of the piece itself, combined with exquisite finishing, will highlight your tasteful choice and allow you to freely waltz around in either matching or contrast trousers.

Available here.

New & Lingwood Rococo Silk Slippers, £350

New & Lingwood Rococo Silk Slippers

Feel like you’re the lord of your own manor wherever the night takes you with slippers that scream confidence. This particular pair is one embroidered step away from a smoking jacket when it comes to old-school pomp. Match with your dressing gown once the night is done for a nightcap to revel in your escapades.

Available here.

Tom Ford Zebrajacquard Tuxedo Jacket, £3,790

Tom Ford Zebrajacquard Tuxedo Jacket

Stand out with this copper and black satin jacquard tuxedo jacket that leans rakishly toward contemporary Gatsbyesque showmanship. Something probably suitable to wear at the MET gala, this will turn heads and garner lascivious glances at every turn.

Available exclusively at mrporter.com.

La Bowtique Bowtie, £135

La Bowtique Bowtie

Don’t get trapped into wearing one dimensional pre-tied bowties that are rigid and unexpressive – they end up looking cheap, and often like an afterthought. Instead, go with a fuller self-tied bow tie that offers character, whatever that word means to you, from the custom bowtie experts at La Bowtique.

Available here.

Eton White Twill Evening Shirt, £160

Eton White Twill Evening Shirt

This is the kind of piece that naturally fishes for compliments and deserves every single one. Featuring a hidden button placket and French cuffs so you can show off your finest cufflinks, this shirt from Eton is perfect for a contemporary black tie outfit while allowing you to feel comfortable in your headlong hedonistic charge into the evening.

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