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5 Stylish Alternative Straps for the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch

Watch Obsession Premium One-Piece Burgundy

With the launch of the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold in the spring and the latest Strawberry edition being released just the other day, the MoonSwatch has proven to be more than a flash in the pan. The fun, plastic Speedmaster is here to stay and you may as well buckle in for the long run. Speaking of buckles, one of our criticisms of the watch is the Velcro strap that it comes on, which doesn’t really sell the accessible Omega illusion. So, we went hunting to find the best alternative straps for the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch.

Wristbuddys Curved Rubber Strap Black

Wristbuddys Curved Rubber Strap Black, £42

Wristbuddys’ flagship strap is their Curved Rubber Strap, which they made specially for the MoonSwatch. Rubber is the perfect material for a daily beater like this because it’s comfortable and flexible while also being waterproof and durable. Additionally, as the series was designed specifically for the hyper colourful MoonSwatch, there’s a huge diversity of shades available, ranging from subtle black to blazing red, bright yellow, vibrant green and more.

Of course, while the straps were designed for the MoonSwatch, they’re suitable for any timepiece with similar lugs such as an actual Omega Moonwatch or a variety of Rolexes and Zeniths, although those watches don’t quite fit the notion of accessibility quite so well as the MoonSwatch.

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WATCHBANDIT Premium Sailcloth Dark Blue

WATCHBANDIT Premium Sailcloth Dark Blue, €49 (approx. £42)

Sailcloth is a term that gets applied to a couple of materials when it comes to watch straps. You have actual canvas straps – the same material sails are made from – and then there are nylon equivalents. The WATCHBANDIT Premium Sailcloth Dark Blue is the latter with additional leather protection around the holes. While the material has a similar texture to a NATO, the strap’s thicker profile and the way it attaches to the watch itself means it wears quite differently.

In terms of colour, as the name indicates, it’s dark blue, which works perfectly for vibrant MoonSwatchs like the Mission to Neptune model which is also blue. Completing the classic look of the sailcloth strap is a brushed steel buckle.

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Strap Brothers MoonSwatch Strap White Striped

Strap Brothers MoonSwatch Strap White Striped, £34.30

A versatile silicone rubber strap for the Swatch x Omega is the Strap Brothers’ MoonSwatch Strap White Striped. It has a bold profile with a broad face decorated with an indented stripe. The white makes it suitable for a variety of the MoonSwatch colourways such as the Saturn pictured here or the Mars, Uranus, Venus, Sun or even the Earth and Moon.

The durable and flexible properties of silicone give the strap a sporty aspect that suits the MoonSwatch. Chronographs are one of the premier sports complications, serving as stop watches to time laps and splits while the tachymeter bezel allows it to calculate speed or distance travelled.

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Watch Obsession Premium One-Piece Burgundy

Watch Obsession Premium One-Piece Burgundy, £14.95

While it might be called the One-Piece, this premium nylon NATO style watch strap is not the sacred pirate treasure being sought by the pirate king in the 1,000+ episode anime. What it is, is a really cool alternative strap for the MoonSwatch. It features a rich burgundy colour that makes it the perfect accessory for the Mission to Pluto with its raspberry ripple colourway. Although you could go for one of the other colours like green for Earth or black for the Moon.

NATOs are an underrated choice the full blooded Moonwatch and I think they work even better for the MoonSwatch. The tactical, tool nature of the NATO speaks to the MoonSwatch being an affordable, street-cool version of the Moonwatch.

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Horus Corsa Black & Red Watch Strap

Horus Corsa Black & Red, £68

Horus are one of the most popular strap brands around with a big presence on social media thanks to multiple high profile celebrities such as Messi choosing Horus straps for their watches. Their rubber straps for the MoonSwatch come in multiple styles ranging from their signature digital camo to this, the Corsa Black & Red. It has a strong black base with a vibrant red stripe that matches the tone of the Mars edition.

It also comes with a choice of buckles in brushed or polished steel, black PVD or even gold. The gold buckle might actually be an interesting choice for pairing with the Mission to Moonshine Gold which has a golden chronograph hand. Although unlike the MoonShine Gold we can’t guarantee the buckle will be forged on a particular month of the year under a full moon.

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