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Watch of the Week: Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One

Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One Only WatchUrwerk and Laurent Ferrier don’t exactly go hand-in-hand; aside from their independence, the two are all but diametrically opposed. Laurent Ferrier’s beautiful classicism is a world apart from the cutting-edge and decidedly dramatic pieces favoured by Urwerk. Yet for Only Watch 2017 the two have come together to find some sort of happy medium between the two.

That might well start ringing the ever-present alarm bells of compromise in your head but rest assured that’s not the case. The Arpal One isn’t some kind of bland middle-ground; it’s the best of both. It’s the Only Watch we’ve been waiting for.

Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One Only Watch

From left to right: Laurent Ferrier, Felix Baumgartner & Martin Frei

The unique watch is what you get when you combine Urwerk’s earliest piece, the UR-103.01, with the classical sleekness of vintage cars – of which Ferrier himself was a professional racer. It has all the hallmarks of an Urwerk, with the satellite indicators, machined detailing and oversized crown, but aimed firmly at more gentlemanly wrists.

The case might look like a lot of white gold but it’s actually more than that. The Arpal+ alloy the watch gets its name from is an 18K alloy that’s harder than steel, polished to a mirror shine reminiscent of Laurent Ferrier’s Galet watch.

Urwerk x Laurent Ferrier Arpal One Only Watch

The UR5.03 self-winding movement is nothing unusual, at least when it comes to Urwerk, and comes with a 48-hour power reserve; this is very much an aesthetic partnership more than a technical one. Even so, it’s one that came out of nowhere to become one of our highlights of Only Watch. If we had the money to bid on either this or the F.P.Journe, Sophie would have had the easy choice.

Connoisseur’s Corner

  • Piece unique for Only Watch 2017
  • Design collaboration between the contemporary Urwerk and classical Laurent Ferrier
  • Made from Arpal+, an 18K white gold alloy stronger than steel
  • 03 self-winding movement with 48 hour power reserve
  • A hefty 40.9mm wide and 60.8mm long

Find out more at: laurentferrier.chwww.urwerk.comonlywatch.com

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