Ivar Watch Box

If like us you’re a watch lover, the likelihood is that, again like us, you’re a pretty big motor-racing fan. The two go hand-in-hand like US politics and Twitter storms. Don’t worry though; this isn’t about yet another watch / F1 team tie-in, you’ve probably had more than enough of those for the moment.

No, this is about watch boxes. A good watch box is a lot more than just somewhere to keep your timepieces when they’re not on your wrist. Your collection is important, and the box should do them justice. Some makers even manage to outdo the watchmakers themselves when it comes to beautiful finishing and craftsmanship.

Ivar is one such artisan. They tie all the masculine elements we love – racing, watches and watch boxes – together nicely in their range of beautifully inlaid boxes. Using a combination of vivid veneers and incredibly precise lines, each box in the range is topped with a renowned racetrack.

Ivar Silverstone Watch Box Blue

The boomerang of Monza, the hook of Monaco and the… shape of Abu Dhabi have all been rendered in their exactitude. We however have managed to acquire one a little closer to home and our hearts: the Silverstone Watch Box.

Even better than us getting our hands on one is that you too have the chance to lay your watches to rest in such finery by entering the latest in our unending string of exclusive competitions. This time however, there’s extra one step. We think it’s worth it for a £1,025 masterpiece like this.

As well as signing up to our newsletter, just answer the following questions for the chance to win:

  1. Complete the following: Ivar is the London destination for   ?
  2. What is the retail price of a race track collection watch box?

If for some reason you don’t know the price of a very particular watch box off the top of your head, you could always do a bit of research on Ivar London’s website.

Remember, entries close on the 14th December 2017. Read here for full terms and conditions.

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