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Oracle Recommends: Watches for May 2024

Ember Watch Co. Rocket, Early-bird £296, RRP £395

Ember Watch Co Rocket

Rather than the industrial 1970s flavour an intensely faceted case like that of the Rocket might conjure, Ember instead goes another direction with an ‘80s, neon-drenched approach. This particular model with its black dial, blue rehaut, and vivid pink and yellow highlights is what they’re all about. Despite it’s cutting edge looks, the Rocket remains accessible thanks to a workhorse Seiko NH38A movement, the no-date version of the microbrand classic. Get in there now and it’s even more so, with early bird discounts.

Available at Ember Watch Co.

RPaige Chrysler Building Special Edition, $3,200 (approx. £2,575)

RPaige Chrysler Building Special Edition

Taking architectural to the extreme, the latest off-kilter slice of Art Deco goodness from RPaige is a tribute to the most iconic Art Deco building in the world, New York’s Chrysler Building. It’s not a subtle allusion; the building’s famous geometric crest has been added across the top of the watch, with the dial engraved with patterns lifted from William Van Allen’s opus. Although it has to be noted that there will only be five of this special edition available and each with a different dial, showcasing the sheer breadth of detail across the landmark.

Available at RPaige.

Genius Watches Genius Hommage, €2,950 (approx. £2,520)

Genius Watches Genius Hommage,

Genius Watches pay homage to the iconic designs and geniuses of the watch industry who have come before, paying particular tribute to the works of Gerald Genta. The Genius Hommage is a fusion of ideas, with the top half inspired by the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the lower portion based on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It’s powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement. The versions pictured here are the Dubai edition with a golf green dial, the Roma with a black dial and the Cannes with a salmon dial..

Available at Genius.

Ichnos Capo Testa Corallaro, Pre-order €1,395 (approx. £1,175)

Ichnos Capo Testa Corallaro

Ichnos are in a special position as a watch brand being based on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s not exactly a watchmaking hotspot, but the Italian island provides heaps of inspiration for the microbrand’s watches and the Capo Testa is testament to that. There are a few colourways and this is the Corallaro with its white dial and coral bezel. It’s powered by the La Joux- Perret G100 automatic calibre with 68-hour power reserve and +/-7 seconds per day accuracy.

Available at Ichnos.

Montford Watch Company The Rubus, £350

Montford Watch Company The Rubus

Montford Watch Company are a relatively young brand inspired to create watches that support the charities and foundations close to the founder’s heart. Their first timepiece is The Rubus, a 40mm stainless steel watch housing the Miyota 8215 automatic movement. And 44% of the sale price of each watch is being donated to the Tusk African conservation charity (that’s £154 for each £350 watch). To match the theme of the charity the dial is Elephant Grey with striated etching that looks like the folds in an elephant’s skin. Limited to 100 pieces.

Available at Montford Watch Co.

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