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Watch Focus: Urban Jürgensen

Urban Jürgensen Ref. 1741 Perpetual Calendar Platinum

Urban Jürgensen Ref. 1741 Perpetual Calendar Platinum

For a company so strongly rooted in tradition, Urban Jürgensen is resolute in looking forwards. Their history of producing timepieces that are both technically excellent as well as impeccably designed is an impressive one, and the careful craftsmanship that goes into every detail, from grenage dials to white gold Arabic numeral appliqués and beautiful movements, is loved by watch aficionados.

Urban Jurgensen Headquarters

Urban Jurgensen’s new headquarters

Excitingly, Urban Jürgensen are continuing to develop behind the scenes, too – after 30 years, they are set to move to new premises in Biel/Bienne. The historical villa that will act as their new headquarters shows the same respect for the past as the brand itself, while also nodding to Urban Jürgensen’s Swiss/Danish heritage with stylish design accents. As well as being a handsome base, it is also a practical one, as it will allow precious and rare old crafts, such as hand-bluing and component fabrication, to be brought in-house.

Urban Jürgensen Reference 1140 PT L Blue

Urban Jürgensen 1140 PT L Blue

Urban Jürgensen Ref. 1140 PT L Blue

Not a company to neglect any part of their service, Urban Jürgensen have also been working on their customer relations, and have now launched an impressive direct sales service. Customers wishing to learn more about the timepiece they hope to purchase can schedule a meeting through the website at a nearby Urban Jürgensen showroom with the brand’s concierge.

Urban Jurgensen 1745 Collection Reference 1140L RG Brown Dial

Urban Jürgensen Ref. 1140L RG Brown Dial

After making a selection, they will be invited to the new headquarters to meet the watchmaker, visit the museum and have lunch with CEO Søren Petersen, before their return home is arranged. It’s an extraordinary gesture from a company that always goes the extra mile. We imagine the only hard part for customers will be choosing which watch to take home. If you were to ask us, we would go for this elegant Reference 1140L RG Brown Dial, which wraps up the best of the brand – graceful hands, Guilloche dial, the in-house P4 movement – in a smart chocolate brown package.

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