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Watch Accessories for Spring 2024

Jean Rousseau Vintage Brown Calf, £130

Jean Rousseau Vintage Brown Calf

The Vintage Brown Calf from Jean Rousseau is a stylish, dark brown leather strap that suits a wide array of watches. Completing the look of the piece is the vintage texture that makes it look aged. It also has white stitching across the top and tip in the style of vintage straps. That vintage aesthetic pairs beautifully with watches that match the retro vibe. It’s also nice to remember that while Jean Rousseau are known for exotic material and outlandish and striking colours, they can do the classics incredibly well at the same time.

Available at Jean Rousseau.

Rapport London Brompton Three Watch Roll, £300

Rapport London Brompton Three Watch Roll

Rapport London have been producing horological goods for over 100 years with products ranging from watch winders and boxes to mechanical pocket watches. This is the Brompton Three Watch Roll, a protective case designed for transporting up to three watches. It features a crocodile-effect leather exterior, while a soft suede interior keeps the watches safe during transit. There are also many colours to choose from including red, green, blue, brown, and black.

Available at Rapport.

ZEALANDE Vulcanised FKM Rubber Strap, €189 (approx. £160)

Zealande Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

Discover the ultimate fusion of style and performance with the ZEALANDE rubber strap, specially designed for the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m range. Available in a palette of nine vibrant colours, including black, orange, red, blue, Miami blue, white, green, brown, and khaki, this strap transforms your watch into a bold personality statement. Made from high-quality vulcanised FKM rubber, it offers an exceptional wearing experience by combining sportiness, lightness and lasting comfort.

Available at ZEALANDE.

The Premium Time Company

The Premium Time Company

The Premium Time Company are a luxury wristwatch competition brand that runs weekly online events to win highly sought after and difficult to obtain watches. They specialise in Rolexes with previous competitions including GMT-Master IIs, Submariners, Datejusts, and more. Crucially, each competition has a strict ticket limit, typically between 600 and 800, giving you a high chance of winning. As the competitions are on rotation, you’ll need to check their website to discover the latest timepiece to be won. Example competition – Rolex Submariner, Ticket Price – £39.99, Ticket allocation – 650.

Available at The Premium Time Company.

Chrome Calibre Retro Bot Watch Winder, €2,500 (approx. £2,150)

Chrome Calibre Retro Bot Watch Winder

On a functional level watch winders are a great way to make sure your automatic collection is always ready to wear at a moment’s notice. But just as equally, watch winders can make for the ideal display cases, as shown by the Chrome Calibre Retro Bot which is shaped like a tin robot from the mid-1900s. The technology inside is provided by SwissKubik with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the rotation to be customised based on number of rotations per day and direction.

Available at Chrome Calibre.

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