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Watch Accessories for May 2024

Johnson’s of Lichfield Bespoke Winder Safe, £12,000

Johnsons of Lichfield Bespoke Winder Safe

Johnson’s of Lichfield is a luxury safe retailer specialising in designing robust custom watch and jewellery safes for your home. This elegant, modern safe includes custom painted cabinetry, solid walnut interior jewellery drawers, soft suede linings and reliable Rapport Watch Winders. These beautiful pieces of furniture are all made to order letting the client choose their exact specification. A practical and great addition to any watch collectors home. Starting from

Available at Johnson’s of Lichfield.

ZEALANDE Rubber Strap for Rolex Submariner 41mm, £168

Zealande Rubber Strap for Rolex Submariner 41mm

If Rolex’s releases this year weren’t quite as interesting as you were hoping for, never fear, you can still grab yourself a cool steel sports number (if your authorised retailer  likes you) and accessorise with an eye- catching strap. The latest from strap specialist ZEALANDE is specifically designed to give your Submariner 41 a sporty twist worthy of a deep diver with rugged vulcanised FKM rubber in a choice of black, blue or eye-catching red. Comfortable, practical and a flash of personality that goes above and beyond what the Crown normally offers, this might be the perfect Rolex strap for summer.

Available at ZEALANDE.

Modalo Clasico Premium 4 Watch Winder, £1,879

Modalo Clasico Premium 4 Watch Winder

A winder can and should be more than a practical way to avoid re-setting a perpetual calendar. Take this beautiful piece of classically-styled tech from winder specialist Modalo, the Clasico. A mix of deep, black piano lacquer and lustrous mother-of-pearl, it’s one of the most traditionally luxurious options in Modalo’s already impressive catalogue. Not that what’s inside is traditional; the intelligent winding programmes, energy- efficient motors, and a speed winding function all provide a  forward thinking approach to keeping your grail watches wound and ready to wear.

Available at Modalo.

Rapport London Brompton Three Watch Roll, £300

Rapport London Brompton Three Watch Roll

Featuring three screwdrivers, a Rapport London has been producing horological goods for over 100 years with products ranging from watch winders and boxes to mechanical pocket watches. This is the Brompton Three Watch Roll, a protective case designed for transporting up to three watches. It features a crocodile-effect leather exterior while a soft suede interior keeps the watches safe during transit. There are also many colours to choose from including red, green,  blue, brown and black.

Available at Rapport.

Tempomat Madrid FKM Rubber Strap for Richard Mille, €220

Tempomat Madrid FKM Rubber Strap for Richard Mille

Given just how integrated their rubber straps normally are, finding a decent alternative to whatever Richard Mille pop on their watch can be a pain. Unless you head over to Tempomat Madrid, that is, who have an eye-popping selection of solid FKM vulcanised rubber straps that will fit any RM11 or RM35 model. Available in light or dark blue, red, yellow and white, they’ll add that flash of colour your wrist candy’s been craving – and you can even get a matching crown protector (€20) to boot. Or contrasting; Richard Mille aren’t the only ones that can have fun with colour.

Available at Tempomat.

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