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Watch Accessories for June 2024

Artem Hydroflex Straps, £176

Artem Hydroflex Straps

Artem are an Australian watch strap brand well known for their use of sailcloth and canvas in their products. With their latest collection, the HydroFlex strap, they have created a fusion that combines an FKM rubber base with a canvas style top. It’s the ultimate blend of style and comfort on the wrist. There are multiple colours available including black, grey, blue, khaki green, and sand beige. Ideal for any sports or tool watch.

Available at Artem Straps.

Johnson’s of Lichfield Bespoke Winder Safe, £12,000

Johnsons of Lichfield Bespoke Winder Safe

Johnson’s of Lichfield is a luxury safe retailer specialising in designing robust custom watch and jewellery safes for your home. This elegant, modern safe includes custom painted cabinetry, solid walnut interior jewellery drawers, soft suede linings and reliable Rapport Watch Winders. These beautiful pieces of furniture are all made to order letting the client choose their exact specification. A practical and great addition to any watch collectors home.

Available at Johnson’s of Lichfield.

ZEALANDE Watch Roll, £169


ZEALANDE’s watch roll is handcrafted and sewn with thread in the same colour as the outer leather for an elegant, understated look. Featuring an ingenious sliding pad system to protect your watches, the vertical dividers have two clever slots that allow you to position the pillows in two configurations. Placing them on the horizontal slots is perfect for stowage during transport or storage, but you can also position the pillows on the vertical slots to admire your watches in complete safety.

Available at ZEALANDE.

Condor Straps Conceria Walpier Buttero Leather Strap, £50

Condor Straps Conceria Walpier Buttero Leather Strap

Condor Straps have been involved in the production of fine leather straps for wristwatches since 1939, making them a veteran of the industry. While they work with many materials such as silicone, metal and nylon, one of their most impressive ranges is leather. Condor use leather sourced from Italy made with traditional vegetable tanning techniques. This allows them to produce straps like the Conceria Walpier Buttero Leather Strap, the style of which is inspired by a vintage creased watch strap design. It’s available in black, brown, blue, and tan in lug sizes of 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm.

Available at Condor Straps.

Hirsch Stone, £153

Hirsch Stone

If you’re looking for intriguing and captivating straps or bracelets for your watch, then Hirsch have got you covered. The surface of their Stone strap is made from razor-thin split shale, giving it an intense appearance akin to an ancient cliff that geologists would love to explore. Fortunately, with its caoutchouc core and rubber lining, it’s much more comfortable to wear than the rough stone texture may imply.

Available at Hirsch.

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