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Upcoming Watch Auctions You Can’t Afford to Miss

Patek Philippe Auction

Bonhams Weekly Watches, 23rd February – 6th March

For 2024 Bonhams have adopted a new system of ‘Weekly’ auctions, a rotating sequence of the most popular and common auction types such as watches, jewellery and fashion, each lasting approximately two weeks. 

More details at Bonham’s.

Sotheby’s Fine Watches, 29th February – 12th March

The bidding for the Sotheby’s Fine Watches auction in New York is already underway and will continue in to March, so be sure not to miss out. 

More details at Sotheby’s.

Phillips Watches Online Auction: The Geneva Sessions, 5th – 12th March

Later this spring, all eyes will turn to Geneva for what is the busiest auction week of the year, however Phillips are kicking things off early with an online auction called The Geneva Sessions – highlights include an MB&F Perpetual Calendar, an A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk, Patek Philippe World Time, and a rare Cartier Santos.

More details at Phillips.

Chiswick Auctions Watches, 12th March

If you’re looking for a more local affair then Chiswick Auctions are based right in the heart of, well, Chiswick, in west London. Offering a broad range of timepieces, it’s the perfect place to look for that hidden gem at an exciting price. 

More details at Chiswick Auctions.

Artcurial Basel Watch Auction, 13th March

The French auction house typically hosts auctions in Paris, Monaco, and Marrakesh, but they’re adding Switzerland to that list with their Basel Watch Auction. Early teasers indicate the presence of a Patek Philippe Grand Complication Chronograph Calendar and a Rolex Khanjar Day-Date.

More details at Artcurial.

Fellows Watches & Watch Accessories, 14th March

Set in Birmingham, Fellows are one of the foremost British auctioneers with specialist watch auctions, such as the Watches & Watch Accessories event, which takes pride of place in their calendar.

More details at Fellows.

Artcurial Horological Timepieces Online, 14th March – 20th March

From France to the world of the internet, Artcurial are hosting their  Horological Timepieces Online in mid- March, one of a series of online watch  auctions that show a much greater interest in watches from the auction house than they previously have. 

More details at Artcurial.

Sotheby’s Fine Watches, 14th – 28th March

After New York, Sotheby’s are heading to Paris for the next edition of their Fine Watches auction, their regular auction for a range of brands, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Audemars Piguet. 

More details at Sotheby’s.

Phillips Watches Online Auction: The Hong Kong Sessions, 19th – 26th March

By late March, the spring auction schedule is well and truly in full swing. This is confirmed when Phillips host the Watches Online Auction: The Hong Kong Sessions in the last two weeks of March.

More details at Phillips.

Bonhams Weekly Watches, 22nd March – 4th April

Another instalment of the Bonhams Weekly Watches auction is in the calendar for late March, proving that it always pays to keep an eye on the auction sites for regular auctions. 

More details at Bonham’s.

Heritage Auctions Watches & Fine Timepieces, 27th March

Over in America the Heritage Auctions Watches & Fine Timepieces sale is set to take place in Texas, featuring Rolexes aplenty alongside the Patek Philippe, 18k Yellow Gold Ref. 3563/3. 

More details at Heritge Auctions.

Fellows Watches, 4th April

Simplicity is seemingly on the cards as we move into spring, as the first major watch auction of April is fittingly titled just ‘Watches’ and will be hosted by Fellows on Thursday the 4th.

More details at Fellows.

Sotheby’s Important Watches, 5th April

Come April and the auction world is beginning to reach a fever pitch, as auction houses like Sotheby’s host their series of flagship auctions – the first of which is the Important Watches I auction in Hong Kong. 

More details at Sotheby’s.

Sotheby’s Important Watches II, 6th – 16th April

At the second part of Sotheby’s major Hong Kong auction – Hong Kong being an important Asian market for the watch industry – we’ll see if the usual heritage releases highlighted at Watches & Wonders have an impact on the pieces that do well here. 

More details at Sotheby’s.

Christie’s Watches Online: The Dubai Edit, 16th – 30th April

One of the largest, most successful watch auctioneers is starting their spring/summer schedule in mid-April. We’re talking about Christie’s, who will be holding the Watches Online: The Dubai Edit auction.

More details at Christie’s.

Antiquorum Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces Monaco, 19th April

Antiquorum are perhaps lesser known than houses like Christie’s and Phillips, but have one of the strongest heritages when it comes to watch auctions. It was they who popularised online watch auctions first. In April though they’re taking their auction to Monaco rather than online. 

More details at Antiquorum.

Bonhams Weekly Watches, 26th April – 8th May

Bonhams’ Weekly Watches auction is set to continue rolling on throughout the spring, with an auction scheduled to take us from April into May. 

More details at Bonham’s.

Sotheby’s Important Watches: Part II, 1st May – 15th May

It’s here! The Geneva watch auctions mark that time of year when all major houses descend on the Swiss city for their biggest auctions. Sotheby’s kick things off right at the start of the month with the Important Watches: Part II. 

More details at Sotheby’s.

Christies Watches Online: The Geneva Edit, 7th May – 21st May

Christie’s are hosting their online Geneva watch auction across the middle of the month. This will likely consist of your classic array of Rolexes, Audemars Piguets, and more, with the truly exceptional watches reserved for a later auction.

More details at Christie’s.

Artcurial Horological Timepieces Online, 9th May–15th May

As proof of their continued greater involvement in the watch sphere, Artcurial are scheduled to host another Horological Timepieces Online auction at the start of May.

More details at Artcurial.

Phillips Geneva Watch Auction XIX, 11th May

The Phillips Geneva Watch Auction in spring is arguably one of the largest of the entire year, and is set to take place across two sessions in Hôtel La Réserve. This is the 19th edition of their Geneva auction, which will undoubtedly start to build excitement ahead of the highly anticipated 20th edition.

More details at Phillips.

Antiquorum Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces, 11th – 12th May

Antiquorum have their headquarters in Geneva, so naturally they are in attendance for the Geneva auctions. Last year’s Geneva sales in autumn included lots such as the Rolex Daytona Ref. 6241 and the Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 3700/1A.

More details at Antiquorum.

Sotheby’s Important Watches: Part I, 12th May

It might seem a little counterintuitive that the Sotheby’s Important Watches: Part I auction starts after Part II, but that’s because it’s essentially the highlight auction and will conclude first due to Part II having an extended bidding period.

More details at Sotheby’s.

Christie’s Rare Watches, 13th May

The Christie’s Rare Watches auction is where you expect to find incredible vintage watches of unmatched provenance. We’re talking Paul Newman Daytonas, watches owned by celebrities, unusual piece uniques, and more. 

More details at Christie’s.

Fellows Watches & Watch Accessories, 16th May

Following the rush of Geneva auctions, we return to the regularly scheduled events with Fellows’ Watches & Watch Accessories, which this year falls in the middle of May. 

More details at Fellows.

Bonhams Watches And Wristwatches, 22nd May

Back in the UK once more, Bonhams are closing out their spring schedule with their Watches and Wristwatches sale, which is their major spring auction for watches deemed too rare and exciting for the previous weekly collections. 

More details at Bonham’s.

Phillips Hong Kong Watch Auction XVIII, 24th May

The final auction on the calendar is the Phillips Hong Kong Watch Auction XVIII, which is steadily catching the size and repute of the Geneva auctions. But while this is one of the last major spring auctions, summer is just a few short months away. 

More details at Phillips.