Baume 2018 Collection

New watch brands aren’t exactly rare; they crop up so often we’re constantly wondering when the watch world will hit critical mass. Yet Baume, an (almost) entirely new brand from within Richemont Group is a launch worth sitting up and paying attention to.

Baume Iconic Series watch
Baume Iconic Automatic – 41 mm (£850)

Taking its name from the first half of Baume & Mercier, from where it’s lifting a good number of it’s execs, Baume will be the new entry level point for the group. Still, there’s more to the brand than not being able to afford a Calibre de Cartier.

Baume Iconic Series
Custom Timepiece 41mm Small Second (£430)

Richemont’s tended to aim at the more established watch collectors in the past, with some serious – and seriously good – timepieces, but Baume is their attempt to get the young vote. Unlike other watchmakers, the entire concept is based on customisation and sustainability.

Baume Custom Timepiece 41mm Retrograde (£490)

‘Upcycling’ is a painful word to hear at any time, yet is at least intriguing in watchmaking. Baume will apparently be using upcycled materials as much as possible and never using precious metals or stones. You’d never be able to tell; from what we’ve seen so far the watches are pretty damn sharp.

Baume Custom Timepiece Series
Baume Custom Timepiece 41mm Retrograde Blue Edition (£490)

Baume will launch with two collections. First is the Iconic collection which is one of the coolest watches we’ve seen for under a grand in an age. The 12 o’clock crown is a nice differentiating point and a little bit of openworking on the dial gives it a more contemporary edge. More importantly though, it acts as a starting point for the Custom Collection.

Baume Custom Timepiece 35mm Small Second (£430) & 35mm Moonphase (£490)

The name here is pretty self-explanatory. The Custom Collection uses the Iconic as a starting point, allowing you to – you guessed it – customise your own watch. Colours, layouts and a handful of complications there’s a surprisingly wide array of options.

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