Alice Made This Brass Cufflinks, £245

Alice Made This Brass Cufflinks © Richard David Green

These brass cufflinks by Alice Made feature a subtle patterned texture that’s perfect as a counterpoint for a dress shirt and a more reserved dinner jacket. Hand engraved and polished by artisans, they’re that one of a kind flourish that proves that it’s all about the details.

Eton Shirts White Floral Embroidery Evening Shirt, £140

Eton Shirts White Floral Embroidery Evening Shirt

If you want to go all-out, a plain shirt just won’t do. This version though doesn’t just talk, it schmoozes. Let this stylish gold leaf embroidered shirt from Eton do so. Paired with golden dress shirt studs and cuff links, you’ll be accepting every party invitation under the sun for an excuse to wheel it out.

Etro Embellished Velvet Tuxedo Jacket, £4,695

Etro Embellished Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Exuding pure opulence with an almost arrogant air about it, this Etro tuxedo jacket includes a mixture of ornate embroidery and is hand embellished with glass beads. Turn heads and keep eyes transfixed on you while you own the party.

Dolce & Gabbana Silk Jacquard Trousers, £310

Dolce & Gabbana Silk Jacquard Trousers

A statement trouser that you can build your outfit around – either with a velvet or plain dinner jacket, or even a casual top. You know, if you have to. Not only will they offer versatility, their sex appeal is off the charts, at least compared to your usual dinner trousers.

Tom Ford Velvet Dinner Jacket, £2,590

Velvet shawl collar dinner jackets naturally show a level of confidence bordering arrogance; if you wear one, you know how good you look. With Tom Ford’s take on the classic dinner jacket, everyone else will too. Given the lush, tactile plush, you can be sure you’ll be the suavest one in the room.

Herring Barcelona II Loafers, £195

Herring Barcelona II Loafers

If you want to eschew the glossy patent lace-ups most safe dressers opt for, go a little more Mediterranean with Herring’s Barcelona II Loafers. The burgundy leather’s so dark it’s almost black (and in low light may as well be) but makes them far more interesting to wear during the day. They’re an effortlessly elegant take on a classic.

New & Lingwood Small Peacock Slippers, £350

New & Lingwood Small Peacock Slippers

A bold dinner jacket deserves a strong supporting act – therefore strong footwear is a necessity and plays an integral role to help frame and sometimes elevate an outfit. New & Lingwood’s luxurious dress slippers are perfect for just such an occasion. The only thing you can’t wear them with is compromise.

Richard James Evening Suit in Jacquard Camouflage, £1,025

Richard James Evening Suit in Jacquard Camouflage

Looking for a contemporary take on a dinner suit? Why not go for a Jacquard camouflage to raise the stakes? Subtle, but every inch resplendent in an alluring damson and black camouflage, your audience will be forced to do a double take.

La Bowtique Bowties Velvet Bow Tie

La Bowtique Bowties Velvet Bow Tie

Offering characterful bowties that ooze more class than a British spy drinking a martini, La Bowtique Bowties balance traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style. Their bowties use premium fabrics to achieve smooth natural curves, while giving you the perfect weight and density for a generous knot.