Style Products for May 2024

Caligo Azur Resort Shirt, £185

Caligo Azur Resort Shirt

Caligo’s hallmark combination of British classicism and Dubai luxury sets sail to the Cote d’Azur with their latest nautically inspired collection. Expect plenty of whites and blues perfect for summering along the coast with sartorial fits perfect for life aboard a yacht. Because no summer wardrobe is complete without a Cuba collar number, the Azur Resort Shirt blends that broad-collared cool with a subtle azure blue to stone gradient for a textured look – rendered in rich polyester for a superior drape and sheen, breathable and ready for the shoreline.

Available at Caligo.

Stenströms White Cable Knit V-Neck Slipover, £179

Stenströms White Cable Knit V-Neck Slipover

Part of Stenströms’ warm weather-ready capsule collection celebrating 1980s tennis style, this white cable knit slipover has the contrast stripes and clean, preppy style that’s come to define a British sporting summer. Finish with a classic, unstructured blazer and a bowl of strawberries and cream for a Wimbledon-worthy ensemble that won’t get lost in the crowd. Just be careful nobody mistakes you for the best-dressed umpire in tennis history.

Available at Stenströms.

Kardo Chintan Shirt, £580

Kardo Chintan Shirt

Inspired by the rich craft of traditional Indian shirts, Kardo’s latest collection is a visual feast of colours and patterns that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. This is about as far from mass-produced as you can get,  with each shirt made start-to- finish by one artisan using  traditional weaving, dying and printing. Pieces like the Chintan shirt with its boxy cut and open collar are a stunning alternative to your usual summer Cuban and, more than likely, far better made.

Available at Kardo.

Hockerty Custom Shirt, From £49

Hockerty Custom Shirt

Underpinning every solid formal look is an equally exceptional shirt and those of Hockerty are up there with the finest. From timeless elegance to the hallmarks of modern men’s style, their range of tailors shirts allow you to design your perfect piece, be it a linen number to beat the heat or a tuxedo shirt for a black tie dinner. Whatever the occasion, you can finally get a shirt that doesn’t just fit, but fits perfectly – and the confidence that comes with it.

Available at Hockerty.

Walker Slater Edward Jacket In Forest, £295

Walker Slater Edward Jacket Forest

Tweed, the perennial British country classic, is a staple of all well-heeled wardrobes – and not just those to the manor born. The balance of practicality and elegance makes a well-cut tweed jacket a must-have and none more-so than those from tweed specialist Walker Slater. This gorgeous forest green is both flattering and modern, an almost British racing take on a classically commanding silhouette. It’s hard not to look good in something like this.

Available at Walker Slater.

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