Style Products for April 2024

Jordan Bespoke GTO Holdall, From £1,995

Jordan Bespoke GTO Holdall

The Jordan Bespoke GTO Twin Briefcase was created in response to customer feedback regarding the popular GTO Holdall. Its dimensions of 46cm x 30cm x 12.5cm are specially chosen to accommodate 15” and larger laptops. Plus it’s also equipped with multiple pockets and stowage space for accessories, cables, phones and more. Jordan Bespoke are a British brand producing Italian made leather luxury goods inspired by the motoring and motor sport industries, with many collaborations with top car manufacturers. The GTO Twin Briefcase is available in multiple, custom colour options.

Available at Jordan Bespoke.

Lord of the Beards Oud Enigma Beard Oil, £16.99

Lord of the Beards Oud Enigma Beard Oil

Lord of the Beards’ Oud Enigma beard oil is a rich blend of black pepper, cardamom, sandalwood, cedarwood, leather and black oud. A grouping of comforting scents that makes for a luxurious fragrance perfect for the prim and proper gentleman. Plus the oil itself is designed to soften your face bristles and calm stiff, brittle and unruly beards, all the while leaving no greasy residue. Ideal for creating a beard that’s both well cared for and one that smells great.

Available at Lord of the Beards.

Ripa Ripa Mediterraneo Rosso/Blu, £109

Ripa Ripa Mediterraneo Rosso Blu

Ripa Ripa are an Italian summer and swimwear specialist bringing a classical and refined aesthetic to the Mediterranean. Their classic swim shorts feature a tailored look and comfortable fit made from quick drying fabric, and tied with a braided nautical rope. The Mediterraneo Rosso/Blu pattern was drawn by hand in bold and captivating fashion. Plus it comes with a linen travel bag for ease of transport and style.

Available at Ripa Ripa.

Strong Boy Canvas Jacket, £375

Strong Boy Canvas Jacket

Strong Boy Clothing are a Cheltenham based clothing company. Their aim is to make high quality investment clothing made from natural materials. All their garments are designed and made here in the UK by skilled crafts people helping to keep the craft alive and well. From their GOTS organic range to their wax and canvas jackets, their clothing has a lot to offer. Not to mention that all their clothing comes with a one year warranty and free UK P&P.

Available at Strong Boy Clothing.

Hockerty Custom Shirt, £49 – £123

Hockerty Custom Shirt

Hockerty bring your personal style to the fore with their expressive line of custom shirts. An easy to use online configurator allows you to choose from a wide variety of bespoke designs and materials to craft the perfect shirt for you including fabric, collar style and monogramming. Linen or cotton, formal white or casual pattern, classic or bold, there’s an incredible depth to Hockerty’s custom shirts that lets you express your own aesthetic flawlessly. Plus, depending on your custom choices, very accessible too with prices starting from £49.

Available at Hockerty.

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