Roveri Eyewear x Gunther Werks Sunglasses Combine Style and Cutting Edge Sports Car Performance

Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Sterling Works

Two very cool brands have come together to create a limited edition sunglasses capsule collection inspired by the joy of sporty droptop Porsches. The brands in question are Roveri, the eyewear specialists and Gunther Werks, an incredibly cool Porsche restomod and customisation brand.

GW have produced some seriously awesome cars such as the Speedster and have previously collaborated with the watch industry on projects like the 901 GW Chronograph. Together, GW and Roveri have created the ultimate sunglasses for cruising along with the top down in the low evening sunlight.

Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Sterling Bronze
Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Carbon Noire

The glasses are designed with open-air driving in mind, which is why they have relatively large lenses that are both wide and tall to protect the eyes from buffeting winds. Similarly, they have a secure bridge and top bar to keep them firmly on your face.

While they’re fairly large, they’re also incredibly comfortable because the frames are made from a combination of UDCT carbon fibre and beta-titanium, lightweight and strong materials that find usage in both the motoring and watchmaking industries.

Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Carbon Noire

Producing the Roveri Eyewear x Gunther Werks frames takes over 150 individual carbon fibre layers that are machined using a CNC machine and each set takes over 240 hours to make. This production technique means that each pair is totally unique due to the striations of the carbon.

Adding further individuality is the fact there are two versions available. The Sterling Bronze features brown lenses while The Carbon Noire is black, both are suitably stylish and match the modern sportiness of the Gunther Werks cars they’re inspired by.

Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Carbon Noire

In addition to the glasses themselves, the limited edition comes with a Gunther Werks branded box featuring Alcantara leather case, card holder, authenticity cards and a decorative carbon block. The carbon block is the actual block of material that the glasses were produced from and now serves as a form of small commemorative sculpture.

Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Sterling Bronze
Roveri Eyewear X Gunther Works Carbon Noire

Both versions of the Roveri Eyewear x Gunther Werks collaboration are priced at £749. So it’s a great accessory to go with your Gunther Werks vehicle or as something a little more aspirational since a Gunther Werks costs, well, a little bit more than the glasses. As a limited edition, there’re very exclusive as well.

More details at Roveri.

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