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Ressence X Mr Porter Type 1 MRP

RESSENCE X Mr Porter Type 1 MRP

Ressence are one of the few brands you can truly call innovative. Their Type 3 and Type 5 models, which use an oil filled dial to create a stunning visual aesthetic akin to a HD LED television, continue to impress watch lovers the world over. For their newest collection they’ve teamed up with the effortlessly cool online retailer Mr Porter to reveal two limited edition timepieces exclusive to the boutique – the Ressence Type 1 PM MRP (midnight blue/titanium) and Ressence Type 1 PW MRP (rose gold).

Both models stay relatively true to the original Type 1, featuring three silver eccentric biaxial satellites for the hours, minutes and seconds and the ROCS 1 (Ressence Orbital Convex System) calibre – a hand-wound automatic movement with a 36-hour power reserve which forgoes a crown by using a unique twisting mechanism on the case back.

RESSENCE Type 1 RG 42mm Titanium

RESSENCE Type 1 RG 42mm Titanium Caseback

The Type 1 PM MRP is bound to be a firm favourite for Ressence fans. The dial, which is finished in a beautiful midnight blue, has been circularly sandblasted creating a striking finish while the case back has employed some dimpling to ensure there is enough grip to wind the watch in its own unique manner. Puresists may be put off by the co-branding however given it is limited to 12 pieces it also may be considered a point of pride.

RESSENCE Type 1 RG 42mm Rose Gold

RESSENCE Type 1 RG 42mm Rose Gold Caseback

The Type 1 PW MRP takes Ressence in a less familiar direction. Utilizing champagne palettes, an off-white dial, and a brown leather strap it fuses the ultra-modern design ethos of the brand with classical elegance. This time, instead of engraving the case back with tiny dots like the Type 1 PM, it uses a triangular motif to gain traction on your slippery fingers adding an extra dimension of beauty to the watch.

RESSENCE Type 1 RG 42mm Titanium Caseback

RESSENCE Type 1 RG 42mm Rose Gold

Limited to 12 pieces, the Ressence Type 1 (Titanium) is priced at £15,360 whereas the rose gold version, limited to only 6 pieces, is priced at £25,850.

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