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Qobuz Community

In a world where algorithms are increasingly in control of the content we consume it’s very easy to find yourself stuck in a niche with no way to easily discover new things. It affects the videos we watch, the films we see and even the music we listen to. As part of their commitment to creating the best quality music streaming platform, Qobuz created Qobuz Club, an online social hub for its listeners to share and discover new music.

Think of it like a record shop from (sadly) bygone times – a place where music enthusiasts would gather to discuss the latest sounds, their favourite artists and give advice on creating the best hi-fi systems. Qobuz Club offers this same sense of community in a digital space with music experts on hand to advise and assist you on your audio journey.

Qobuz Community

It’s a great place to discuss and debate music with likeminded individuals – akin to the many great wristwatch forums for watch enthusiasts or even our very own comments section. Additionally, it also grants you access to Qobuz News, Music Clubs, Hi-Fi Spaces, and a Discussion Forum where members can talk directly with the Qobuz teams. There’s also the “collector’s corner” for vinyl lovers, able to share and talk about their prized records or even facilitate trades to procure that one record you’ve always been searching for.

Joining Qobuz Club is incredibly easy, all you need to do is sign up for a free Qobuz account or be an existing member. You can then join the discussion online via the Qobuz Community website or the app. If you enjoy the community, you could even consider their main subscription to gain access to an extensive library of high quality music recordings with superb sound quality and definition.

Find out more about Qobuz Club and join the community at

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