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Oracle Recommends: Watches for March 2024

Riley Watch Co. Howard Hughes Chronograph HH01, £129

Riley Watch Co Howard Hughes Chronograph HH01

The Howard Hughes Chronograph HH01 is inspired by an iconic plane in the history of aviation, the Hughes H-1 Racer, which broke the world speed record in 1935. The watch commemorates this historic occasion with its retro style bi-compax chronograph display and curved square case – a shape commonly referred to as squircle. There are several variations available including this sage green and white variant which is very elegant and calming to look at. It’s powered by the Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz movement.

Available at Riley Watch.

Ichnos Capo Testa Corallaro, Pre-order €1,395 (approx. £1,175)

Ichnos Capo Testa Corallaro

Ichnos are in a special position as a watch brand being based on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s not exactly a watchmaking hotspot, but the Italian island provides heaps of inspiration for the microbrand’s watches and the Capo Testa is testament to that. There are a few colourways and this is the Corallaro with its white dial and coral bezel. It’s powered by the La Joux- Perret G100 automatic calibre with 68-hour power reserve and +/-7 seconds per day accuracy.

Available at Ichnos.

Montford Watch Company The Rubus, £350

Montford Watch Company The Rubus

Montford Watch Company are a relatively young brand inspired to create watches that support the charities and foundations close to the founder’s heart. Their first timepiece is The Rubus, a 40mm stainless steel watch housing the Miyota 8215 automatic movement. And 44% of the sale price of each watch is being donated to the Tusk African conservation charity (that’s £154 for each £350 watch). To match the theme of the charity the dial is Elephant Grey with striated etching that looks like the folds in an elephant’s skin. Limited to 100 pieces.

Available at Montford Watch Co.

Satori Watches Companion, £318

Satori Watches Companion

Satori Watches are a new microbrand on the scene debuting their first wristwatch, the Companion, via Kickstarter. The watch has a 41mm diameter in stainless steel with a circular design and a bold bezel featuring a chunky grip. Visually, it’s incredibly legible with large Arabic numerals and a 24-hour scale. It makes for a very versatile timepiece ideal for exploration and adventure. There are six versions available: Marine, Crimson, Cosmic, Forest, Covert, and Tuxedo. Beneath the surface it houses the Miyota 9015 automatic movement. Standard price £375, Kickstarter price £318 (project ends 10th March),

Available at Satori.

Dunlaing Eyre, £450

Dunlaing Eyre

Ireland is a land of ancient traditions and famous craftsmanship, and Dunlaing is an Irish watch brand that seeks to apply that wealth of heritage to horology. Their debut timepiece is the Eyre, named after the square at the centre of Galway city on the west coast. It’s a 38mm stainless steel watch with broad shoulders and a circular bezel. The dial is nice and refined with sword shaped hands, bar indexes, and a sunray brushed finish in either green, black or blue. All three are nice but for the Emerald Isle, there can only be one choice. The launch sale is planned to coincide with St Patrick’s Day 2024, 11th March to 17th March.

Available at Dunalaing.

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