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Oracle Recommends: Watches for December 2022

Hesili Classic Black, $595 (approx. £490)

Hesili Classic Black

Versatile, elegant and a true style booster, HESILI NEW YORK is a neo-vintage timepiece born out of a love for watches and a passion for style. Equipped with a Swiss-made movement, housed in a 316L stainless steel case which is entirely CNC-machined in Switzerland. Underneath  the double-domed sapphire crystal, there is a lacquered dial adorned with either Rhodium-plated or rose-gold plated appliques. True value for money at under £500.

Available at Hesili.

Jurmo Sisu Earth, €2,480 (approx. £2,160)

Jurmo Sisu Earth

Skeleton watches aren’t for everyone – many of us wear a watch to hide our wrists – but it’s hard not to love a brand that turns the actual skeleton bridges into the main feature of the watch. Enter Jurmo’s Sisu, which uses eye-catching, dark khaki green bridges to utterly transform the look of a classic skeleton dial. Just be warned – while the Sisu is well priced for a watch with its level of finishing, that means there’s a lot of demand and wait times are up to four months. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait.

Available at Jurmo.

Charlie Paris Concordia, €745 (approx. £640)

Charlie Paris Concordia

Charlie Paris’ Concordia is a stylish and accessible diver that oozes 1960s retro diving watch charm. Specifically, the highly legible display with oversize round hour markers is inspired by the types of watches developed around the French Riviera in the 60s and associated with figures like the French explorer, Jacques Cousteau. Which makes sense for a modern French watchmaker like Charlie Paris. Inside, it houses the Soprod calibre P024.

Available at Charlie Paris.

Möels & Co. 528, £946

Moels and Co 528

The Möels & Co. 528 is an award winning watch for good reason. Designed by 21-year-old Betina Menescal, it features an unusual TV-shaped case design in stainless steel with an asymmetrical display inspired by the golden ratio. It rides the line between dress and sports watch thanks to its refined aesthetic, mid-century design, robust 100m water resistance and large 45mm by 33mm proportions. Ultimately, that makes it ideal for virtually all occasions. It’s powered by the Sellita SW200-1 movement.

Available at Möels & Co.

Glen Ogal Astronomer, £495

Glen Ogal Astronomer

Glen Ogal is a Scottish lifestyle brand that produce a wide range of products from clothing to jewellery and watches. Their latest men’s watch is the Astronomer, currently available in either blue or black with four more variations set for release in 2023. It has a 44mm diameter stainless steel case with a dial depicting the night sky illuminated by luminescent stars. It also features a crescent moon-shaped pointer date powered by an automatic movement.

More details at Glen Ogal.

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