Oracle Recommends: Watches for April 2023

BWG Isaria, €555 for the First 50 Pieces or €1,555 (approx. £490/£1,365)

BWG Isaria German Made Automatic Watch

BWG Bavarian Watch are a German watchmaking brand, which create watches inspired by the dual personality of Bavaria. On the one hand you have grand, soaring castles with Romantic designs and on the other, you have the bustling, modern city of Munich. As such, BWG watches tread a line between luxurious design and practical utility, both of which are exemplified in the new Isaria model with its 42.2mm case with 200m water resistance and bold facetted design. The name and colourway options are inspired by the river Isar, which flows through Munich.

Available at BWG.

Schaumburg Martin Braun EOS, €5,980 (approx. £5,240)

Schaumberg Martin Braun EOS

For two years Schaumburg have been the custodians of the Martin Braun brand, continuing to produce some of the iconic movements and complications developed by Martin Braun. At the pinnacle of these pieces is the Martin Braun EOS, the first mechanical wristwatch capable of displaying sunrise and sunset times. It achieves this with twin crossed titanium hands attached to control cams that can be adjusted to different longitudes and latitudes – which does require each watch to be made to order.

More details at at Martin Braun.

Lilienthal Berlin Zeitgeist Automatik All Blue, £709

Lilienthal Berlin Zeitgeist Automatik All Blue

The Lilienthal Berlin Zeitgeist Automatik All Blue is a love letter to Berlin, featuring typography inspired by the city’s street signage and a crown shaped like the famous Berlin World Clock at Alexanderplatz. It’s a classy time and date model with central hours, minutes and seconds with the date window located at six o’clock. Housed within the blue 42.5mm steel case, below the sunray brushed dial, is the Sellita SW200 automatic movement with 38-hour power reserve. It’s presented on a steel mesh bracelet, also in blue.

Available at Lilienthal.

Genius Watches Genius Smart, CHF 900 (approx. £798)

Genius Watches Genius Smart

Genius Watches pay homage to the iconic designs and geniuses of the watch industry who have come before, paying particular attention to the works of Gerald Genta. The Genius Smart is a fusion of ideas, with the top half inspired by the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the lower portion based on the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. It’s powered by a quartz movement and the ‘smart’ aspect comes from the inbuilt Smart Buckle Payment System, which allows you to use the watch to make payments – great for business days and enjoyable nights. Available from May.

Available at Genius Watches.

Day & Night Thutmos3, £217

Day and Night the Thutmos3

Day & Night’s collection of watches bear the names of iconic Pharaohs and kings from history such as Xerxes, Thutmose, and Djoser, and are inspired by their dramatic impact on global history. Their watches feel similarly as impactful and powerful. The Thutmos3, with its 42mm black stainless steel case and bold octagonal bezel is incredibly bold with the combination of pitch black dial and silver coloured hands, indexes and small seconds subdial being particularly striking. The piece draws on the design language of heritage watch designs from brands like Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, but unlike those prestige brands, Day & Night maintain a far more accessible price point., available from

Available at Day & Night Watches.

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