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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for May 2023

Maison Des Montres Watch Cleaning Kit, AED 249 (approx. £55)

Maison Des Montres Watch Cleaning Kit

Dirt is the perennial enemy of watch collectors, whether it be the grime of regular wear or the dust that collects on an unworn, display watch. Maison Des Montres produce a dedicated Luxury Watch Cleaning Kit designed to keep your luxury timepieces in pristine condition. The kit comes with a gentle cleaning solution, a nano-bristle brush and a microfibre cloth, all of which are ideal for removing dirt and finger prints without causing scratches or damage to your timepiece.

Available at Mason Des Montres.

Horology Wrists MoonSwatch Straps, £35-£55

Horology Wrists MoonSwatch Straps

Horology Wrists produce a range of straps dedicated to the headline grabbing Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch. Considering how colourful and diverse the MoonSwatches are, the Horology Wrists straps are correspondingly eccentric and exciting. A beige strap to match the Jupiter, a burgundy for the Pluto and a sporty red and white number for the Mars are just three examples in a collection of 30+ designs. There’s also a mixture of materials available with versions in sporty rubber or military style nylon.

Available at Horology Wrists.

Rapport London Brompton Three Watch Roll, £300

Rapport London Brompton Three Watch Roll

Featuring three screwdrivers, a Rapport London has been producing horological goods for over 100 years with products ranging from watch winders and boxes to mechanical pocket watches. This is the Brompton Three Watch Roll, a protective case designed for transporting up to three watches. It features a crocodile-effect leather exterior while a soft suede interior keeps the watches safe during transit. There are also many colours to choose from including red, green, blue, brown and black.

Available at Rapport London.

Jean Rousseau Watch Case Yellow Goat, £215

Jean Rousseau Watch Case Yellow Goat

As part of Jean Rousseau’s new Franche-Comté collection, they’ve released a new watch case in yellow goat leather. It’s designed as a light and elegant pocket case, ideal for transporting a precious watch to and from an event, or protecting while travelling. The vibrant tone is inspired by the heritage of the Franche-Comté region of France, matching the yellow colour found on the region’s flag.

Available at Jean Rousseau.

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Couture, £955

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Couture

Swiss Kubik have been producing high end watch winders for over 10 years and have mastered the art of combining style with function. Their designs are unapologetically bold, designed to stand out in a room and showcase the watches contained within. The Masterbox Couture combines the signature cube shape winder with a leather exterior, providing a sumptuous finish. It can be operated via either a direct power supply or batteries, giving you transport options.

Available at Swiss Kubik.

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