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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for March 2023

Hirsch Bagnore Watch Strap, £89.95

Hirsch Bagnore

Hirsch is an Austrian watch strap maker that has been operating since 1945, during which time it has been under the continuous stewardship of the Hirsch family. Their long heritage has allowed them to develop an excellent reputation and much experience in producing high quality straps. The Bagnore vintage brown calf strap, launched just last month, is a prime example of their work. Named after a town in Tuscany, it’s made entirely from vegetable tanned calf leather providing exceptional texture and suppleness. It’s finished with retro cut edges and a triple hand-sewn decorative bar seam for a strong  vintage aesthetic.

Available at Hirsch.

Jean Rousseau Watch Roll Vintage Calf Gold, £352

Jean Rousseau Watch Roll Vintage Calf Gold

French maison Jean Rousseau is best- known for its watch straps but the house’s  skills extend to a huge range of leather goods. Jean Rousseau’s watch rolls are made to order and produced by hand in a variety of styles and colours. This is the Vintage Calf Gold version, which has the rich golden-brown colour of worn leather matched with a dark brown interior that protects the watch held within. It’s fastened with a simple buckle for secure containment and ease of use.

Available at Jean Rousseau.

Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One Red, £530

Scatola Del Tempo Rotor One Red

Scatola del Tempo’s watch winders offer the traditional utility of a winder – keeping your automatic watches topped up on power reserve while you’re not wearing them and preventing the mechanics becoming damaged from staying in one orientation – in a compact and stylish form. With a soft leather exterior, it’s both pretty to look at and soft to the touch. It’s powered solely by batteries with an autonomy of three years.

Available at Scatola del Tempo.

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Couture, £955

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Couture

Swiss Kubik has been producing high-end watch winders for over ten years and has mastered the art of combining style with function. The brand’s designs are unapologetically bold, intended to stand out in a room and showcase the watches contained within. The Masterbox Couture combines the signature cube shape winder with a leather exterior, providing a sumptuous finish. It can be operated via either a direct power supply or batteries, giving you transport options.

Available at Swiss Kubik.

Modalo Timeless MV4, €1,199

Modalo Timeless MV4

Depending how you look at it, keeping your entire watch collection wound and at the ready is either a daily ritual or a chore. And if you view it as a chore then Modalo is here to help with the Timeless MV4. A dark mix of macassar ebony and sleek, glossy black, the winder can hold four automatic watches in a manner to which they can quickly become accustomed. There’s also space for two additional watches hidden under the wooden front panel.

Available at Modalo.

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