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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for July 2023

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Couture, £955

Swiss Kubik Masterbox Couture

Swiss Kubik have been producing high end watch winders for over 10 years and have mastered the art of combining style with function. Their designs are unapologetically bold, designed to stand out in a room and showcase the watches contained within. The Masterbox Couture combines the signature cube shape winder with a leather exterior, providing a sumptuous finish. It can be operated via either a direct power supply or batteries, giving you transport options .flexibility and strength.

Available at Swiss Kubik.

The Strap Brothers Silicone Moonswatch Strap, £34.30

The Strap Brothers Silicone Moonswatch Strap

The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch continues to be a talking point in the watch world and one aspect of the piece that is often talked about is that the Velcro strap it’s presented on leaves a lot to be desired. The Strap Brothers offer a solution via their super comfortable silicon alternative, ideal for the sporty chronograph. Pictured is the Earthy Beige strap with white accent designed to complement the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Mission to Jupiter.

Available at The Strap Brothers.

Bennett Winch Triple Watch Roll Black, £625

Keeping your watches safe at home and protecting them while travelling is vitally important, which is where robust watch rolls like the Bennett Winch Triple Watch Roll excels. It’s handmade in London from Tuscan leather panels around a Kevlar core and Alcantara leather lining. The combination of gorgeous materials with that protective core makes it ideal for all purposes, as does the sleek black colouration. The fastening system consists of a trio of solid brass poppers.

Available at Bennett Winch.

DVIL Italian Oil Waxed Leather Strap, £15

DVIL Italian Oil Waxed Leather Strap

DVIL are a new British brand creating hand-crafted leather watch straps with a focus on quality and durability. They source their leather from premium European tanneries that use traditional and sustainable tanning methods. This is the Italian Oil Waxed Leather Strap in chocolate brown, and the combination of oils and waxes used in its production make it both supple and water resistant for a great combination of style, comfort and robustness. Plus, considering the amount of attention to detail that goes into handcrafting, it’s great value.

Available at DVIL.

Watch Obsession Forrest Green Twill Oyster Case, £22.50

Watch Obsession Forrest Green Twill Oyster Case

Safe and stylish storage for a single watch, the Forrest Green Tweed Oyster Case is perfect for taking with you on trips, allowing you to easily switch between two watches. The textured tweed style material looks and feels great, while offering ultimate protection. This new Watch Obsession watch case comes in five tasteful colourways, although the green is simply stunning. It’s fastened by a secure zipper around the centre of the case.

Available at Watch Obsession.

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