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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for February 2024

ZEALANDE Vulcanised FKM Rubber Strap, €189 (approx. £160)

Zealande Vulcanised FKM Rubber Strap

ZEALANDE are a wristwatch strap brand that make high quality rubber straps for prestige watch brands. They have an extensive range of colours and styles made specially for Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer and more, having recently added full ranges for Breitling and Tudor to their repertoire. They specialise in vulcanised FKM rubber, a material that is highly tear resistant, completely waterproof and very comfortable to wear, making it ideal for sport and tool watches or just the comfort of daily wear.

More details at ZEALANDE.

Modalo Optimus, from €119 (approx. £100)

Modalo Optimus Watch Roll

In addition to their high-end watch winders, Modalo also produce a range of other watch accessories. The watch roll OPTIMUS impresses with its stylish design, which is accentuated by the striking decorative stitching in the shape of the Modalo M. It is aimed at watch lovers who appreciate first-class materials and high- quality workmanship. Available in  two timeless colours and four sizes, up to six watches are always protected and tastefully on the go.

More details at Modalo.

The Polerouter, £225

The Polerouter Book

Timed perfectly with the news that Universal Genève is being revived back to its former glory by Breitling, we have the new The Polerouter book. The publication takes an in depth look at the history, design and variety of the iconic timepiece, one that will hopefully be back on the shelves in a major way in the not too distant future. It was written by Willis & Mazzucchi, who collaborated with Universal Genève’s archive as well as collectors around the world to create what is surely the most comprehensive guide to the watch ever produced.

More details at The Polerouter.

Aubliq Watch Stand, $118 (approx. £90)

Aubliq Watch Stand

Aubliq are all about keeping your watches safe in an understated, classy way with minimalist design and quality materials. The wide base, thin arm and holding pad put all of the emphasis on the watch that it’s holding, allowing the timepiece to shine in the way it’s supposed to. Plus, they’re of such reliable quality that even Grand Seiko have collaborated with them in the past, showing their high quality and craftsmanship.

More details at Aubliq.

The Premium Time Company

The Premium Time Company

The Premium Time Company are a luxury wristwatch competition brand that runs weekly online events to win highly sought after and difficult to obtain watches. They specialise in Rolexes with previous competitions including GMT-Master IIs, Submariners, Datejusts, and more. Crucially, each competition has a strict ticket limit, typically between 600 and 800, giving you a high chance of winning. As the competitions are on rotation, you’ll need to check their website to discover the latest timepiece to be won. Example competition – Rolex Submariner, Ticket Price £39.99, Ticket allocation 650

More details at The Premium Time Company.

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