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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for February 2023

Jean Paul Menicucci Vintage Leather Strap

Jean Paul Menicucci Vintage Leather Strap 

Jean Pail Menicucci started in the leather trade designing and creating high end custom belts, although they have since expanded to the watch industry. Today, they produce all manner of watch accessories ranging from custom watch boxes, cases and straps. Due to their focus on vintage materials and hand production, every product is unique. Pictured is the Powder Fiore leather strap with handmade side rough stitches.

More details at Jean Paul Menicucci.

Temporal Goods Watch Stand, £125

Temporal Goods Watch Stand

The Watch Stand by Temporal Goods is a highly modern and industrial piece of design, as well as being the perfect place to store your watch on display. It consists of a 100% wool pad supported by a carbon fibre and stainless steel base that securely holds your watch. Its understated simplicity means it comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that you’ll have a place to keep you watch safe from one generation to the next.

Available at Temporal Goods.

Watch & Strap the Berlin, £22.99

Watch & Strap the Berlin

Watch & Strap was founded in 2019 to fill a gap in the luxury watch accessories market. Specifically, a range of luxury straps that are suitable for every kind of watch from an entry level Seiko to the finest Patek Philippe. This is The Berlin: Cracked Burgundy Padded Leather Watch Strap, it has a rich red tone that becomes more apparent as the leather is stretched, giving it a strong vintage, worn in aesthetic. Every strap is designed by a passionate expert and the result shows, as each has a wealth of five-star reviews.

Available at Watch & Strap.

Barrington Single Black Watch Winder, £175

Barrington Single Black Watch Winder

Barrington are a British brand specialising in watch winders, aiming to bridge the gap between accessibility and high end performance and design. Having studied the best winders on the market, they created the Single Watch Winder, with the depth and box aesthetic of high end models without the concurrent price tag. Operating with super quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors, they’re unobtrusive, practical and beautiful.

Available at Barrington Watch Winders.

Forshaw Leather Rembordé Straps, £135

Forshaw Leather Rembordé Straps

Based in the north of England, Forshaw Leather produce handcrafts watch straps following the Rembordé style. Rembordé translates to ‘rolled edge’, a reference to the production technique that ensures there are no painted or raw edges, creating a super finish. Forshaw also use carved leather in the core of each strap, a unique method that creates a stronger, more durable strap. They’re available in black, nut brown, Havanah brown, and tan.

Available at Forshaw Leather.

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