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Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for December 2023

Jean Rousseau Soft Watch Roll Burgundy, £358

Jean Rousseau Soft Watch Roll Burgundy
Jean Rousseau Soft Watch Roll Burgundy

Keeping your watches safe as you travel is a perennial problem, fortunately the Jean Rousseau Soft Watch Roll makes it easy. It features five large compartments for storing your watches and their accessories with a soft finish to keep everything safe. A classy pin buckle fastener keeps everything wrapped up and secure. There are plenty of colours to choose from, but the burgundy feels appropriate for the holiday season.

Available at Jean Rousseau.

Haveston M 1937 Watch Stowage Pouch, $32.95 (approx. £25)

Haveston M 1937 Watch Stowage Pouch

Haveston bring a vintage military aesthetic to all their watch straps and accessories and the M 1937 Watch Stowage Pouch is the perfect example of that. Based on the appearance of World War II US Military ammunition pouches, it’s a convenient and safe way to transport your wristwatches. Each pouch is hand-made from canvas with a stud fastening system and the Haveston triangle H logo on the flap, which is reminiscent of a military warning symbol.

Available at Haveston.

Chrome Calibre Retro Bot Watch Winder, €2,500 (approx. £2,150)

Chrome Calibre Retro Bot Watch Winder

On a functional level watch winders are a great way to make sure your automatic collection is always ready to wear at a moment’s notice. But just as equally, watch winders can make for the ideal display cases, as shown by the Chrome Calibre Retro Bot which is shaped like a tin robot from the mid-1900s. The technology inside is provided by SwissKubik with Bluetooth connectivity that allows the rotation to be customised based on number of rotations per day and direction.

Available at Chrome Calibre.

Aubliq Watch Stand, $122 (approx. £96)

Aubliq Watch Stand

Aubliq are all about keeping your watches safe in an understated, classy way with minimalist design and quality materials. The wide base, thin arm and holding pad put all of the emphasis on the watch it’s holding, allowing the timepiece to shine the way it’s supposed to. Plus, they’re of such reliable quality that even Grand Seiko have collaborated with them in the past, showing their high quality and craftsmanship.

Available at Aubliq.

Forstner Bands Bullet Bracelet, $155 (approx. £122)

Forstner Bands Bullet Bracelet

While Forstner are perhaps best known for the Komfit bracelet, that’s not the only celebrated strap they’ve created in their extensive history. The Bullet Bracelet is a popular heritage bracelet from the 1960s and now it’s back. It’s a five-link bracelet with a unique composition of rounded and angled links with flat ends that gives it a notable quality of depth and brilliance. It was originally designed for the Bulova Accutron Astronaut, but now it’s available for most watches – there’s even a fitted end link version for the lugs of the Speedmaster or Black Bay.

Available at Forstner Bands.

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