Oracle Recommends: Watch Accessories for April 2023

Barrington Single Black Watch Winder, £175

Barrington Single Black Watch Winder

Barrington are a British brand specialising in watch winders, aiming to bridge the gap between accessibility and high end performance and design. Having studied the best winders on the market, they created the Single Watch Winder, with the depth and box aesthetic of high-end models without the concurrent price tag. Operating with super quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors, they’re unobtrusive, practical and beautiful.

Available at Barrington.

Jean Rousseau Watch Case Yellow Goat, £215

Jean Rousseau Watch Case Yellow Goat

As part of Jean Rousseau’s new Franche-Comté collection, they’ve released a new watch case in yellow goat leather. It’s designed as a light and elegant pocket case, ideal for transporting a precious watch to and from an event, or protecting while travelling. The vibrant tone is inspired by the heritage of the Franche-Comté region of France, matching the yellow colour found on the region’s flag.

Available at Jean Rousseau.

Hirsch Straps Leaf, £100

Hirsch Straps Leaf

Hirsch produce a huge variety of high quality straps ranging from leather to their animal-free nature series. The Leaf strap, available in multiple colours, features an intricate leaf pattern that correlates to its sustainable and animal friendly design. In fact, it’s more than a pattern as it consists of a multi-layered structure made from actual dyed leaves. The strap’s lining is made from Caoutchouc, a natural rubber material that provides flexibility and strength.

Available from Hirsch.

Beco Technic 11 Piece Watchmaker Service Tool Kit, £98.75

Beco Technic 11 Piece Watchmaker Service Tool Kit

Featuring three screwdrivers, a loupe with 4x magnification, two sets of tweezers, assorted spring bars and devices for opening both screw in and push in casebacks, the Beco Technic 11 Piece Watchmaker Service Tool Kit is ideal for the budding horology hobbyist. Beco Technic is a German brand who produce equipment for watch and jewellery after-sales services, from tools and spare parts to full on professional workbenches and more.

Available at Watch Obsession.

Temporal Goods the Watch Stand, £125

Temporal Goods the Watch Stand

Depending on how you look at it, The Watch Stand by Temporal Goods is a highly modern and industrial piece of design, as well as the perfect place to keep your watch on display. It consists of a 100% wool pad supported by a carbon fibre and stainless steel base that securely holds your watch. Its understated simplicity means it comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that you’ll have a place to keep you watch safe from one generation to the next.

Available at Temporal Goods.

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