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Oracle Recommends: Tech Products for Christmas 2023


Qobuz Christmas

Qobuz are a music steaming platform available on desktop and mobile dedicated to curating a complete audio experience for audiophiles. As such, in addition to producing their own music- centred magazine, they utilise the highest quality  audio files possible for the 100 million+ songs they have available, so that you can listen to them the way the artists and recording engineers intended. Plus, with their download purchases system, you can own still own your music collection and tailor it to your preferences. From £10.83/month.

Available at Qobuz.

Revival Audio Atalante 5, £4,690

Revival Audio Atalante 5

Revival Audio are a fairly new high end audio brand that hit the market in 2021, but don’t let that fool you, their founders have decades of experience at top audio brands. One of their core loudspeakers is the Atalante 5, a three-way loudspeaker with sophisticated high frequencies, sweet mid-tones and impressive bass. All housed in a lovely Franco-Japanese fusion cabinet with walnut veneer – following the belief that sound is an art and therefore should look artistic too.

Available at Elite Audio.

Modalo Clasico Premium for 5 Watches, $1,339 (approx. £1,080)

Modalo Clasico Premium for 5 Watches

Watch winders are the ultimate form of wristwatch storage, keeping your watches safe, topped up on power reserve and doubling as fantastic display cases. The Clasico Premium from Modalo is available in eight beautiful finishes including authentic New Zealand wood, malachite and piano lacquer. This is the 5 watch edition although it’s also available in sizes for 3, 4 and 6. It’s the ultimate seasonal gift for the watch collector in your life, helping them to cherish and care for their collection.

Available at Modalo.

Noble Audio Fokus Prestige, $599 (approx. £400)

Noble Audio Fokus Prestige

Noble Audio have taken their beloved bespoke Prestige line of In Ear Monitors to Bluetooth. The FoKus Prestige is a premium Bluetooth earphone meant for enjoying your music at the highest quality on the go. It features a triple- driver configuration, which helps to reproduce music as it was intended to be heard. The 8.2mm dynamic driver delivers powerful bass while the two Balanced Armature drivers produce beautiful mids, and clean highs.

Available at Noble Audio.

Montegrappa Automobili Lamborghini 60°, Prices from £4,495

Montegrappa Automobili Lamborghini 60
Montegrappa Automobili Lamborghini 60

Montegrappa have come together with Lamborghini to create a pen that is a true representation of the Italian super car manufacturer’s 60th anniversary. The bold, angular form riffs on the iconic designs of the Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, Aventador and 2023’s Revuelto. The barrel and safety-locked threadless cap created for Automobili Lamborghini 60° are precisely engineered and assembled, with numerically-milled, aerospace aluminium and forged carbon-fibre fairings fused together in a futuristic hexagonal profile. This is high performance manufacturing quite literally at your fingertips.

Available at Montegrappa.

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