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Oracle Recommends: Tech Products for July 2023

Campfire Audio Trifecta “Astral Plane”, $3,375 (approx. £2,800)

Campfire Audio Trifecta Astral Plane

Campfire Audio produce handcrafted earphones for discerning audiophiles. This is the latest edition of the Trifecta, which features earphones made from clear nylon tinted blue that reveal the three internal, gold-plated, 10mm ADLC diaphragm dynamic drivers. The triangular configuration creates a performance enhancing acoustically tuned chamber to create a surprisingly rich and massive sound from such a small piece of technology. Limited to 333 pieces

Available at Campfire Audio.

Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn, £550,000

Bang & Olufsen Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn

The Bang & Olufsen limited edition Beosystem 72-23 Nordic Dawn is designed to connect music listeners from 1972 to 2023, hence the 72-23 designation. It achieves this by combining a traditional vinyl music system with digital streaming. It comes with a pair of Beolab 28 speakers, a Beosound Core, Beolab Transmitter units, Beogram 4000c and dedicated birch storage cabinet. It has a light, rosy colourway inspired by Scandinavian sunrises. Limited to 100 pieces,

Available at Bang & Olufsen.

Sonos Era 300, £449

Sonos Era 300

The Sonos Era 300 is Sonos’ latest generation of smart speaker designed for spatial audio. What that means is it houses six drivers that direct sound right, left, forward and up, creating the impression of a multi-directional system with a single compact speaker. Multiple Era 300s can also be paired together to create a genuine surround sound experience. In order to achieve this depth of sound and quality Sonos collaborated with Dolby Atmos.

Available at Sonos.

Riverside HiFi

Riverside Hifi

Imagine being able to walk into your home and pressing one button on a touch panel or on your mobile device to control your audio/visual equipment, air-con/heating, lighting, blinds, CCTV and more. Riverside HiFi have over three decades of experience making dreams like this a reality. Whether you’d like a stereo system, home cinema room or your tv hidden in a cabinet that only appears when you turn it on. They also work with client’s interior designers in all areas and can offer a full installation service along with home surveys.

Available at Riverside HiFi.


Qobuz Music Streaming Platform

Qobuz are a music steaming platform available on desktop and mobile dedicated to curating a complete audio experience for audiophiles. As  such, in addition to producing their own music- centred magazine, they utilise the highest quality  audio files possible for the 100 million+ songs they have available, so that you can listen to them the way the artists and recording engineers intended. Plus, with their download purchases system, you can own still own your music collection and tailor it to your preferences. From £10.83/month,.

Available at Qobuz.