Oracle Recommends: Style Products for May 2023

Hockerty Custom Jeans, £99 – £120

Hockerty Custom Jeans
Hockerty Custom Jeans

Hockerty offer an online tailoring service meaning you can submit your measurements from anywhere in the world and have a custom clothes made in as little as 21 days. From ultra-smart suits to casual jeans, they’ve got you covered. Take jeans for example, the number of styles and fabrics on offer is impressive: straight, slim, bootcut, cropped, roll-up cuffs, square or rounded pockets and colours from indigo to white. It means you can create the perfect jeans for any casual occasion and to match your individual tastes.

Available at Hockerty.

The Cambridge Satchel Co Messenger Bag, £265

Cambridge Satchel Messenger Bag

The Cambridge Satchel Co. is dedicated to crafting exquisite bags and satchels right here in the UK, in Cambridge if that wasn’t already apparent in the brand’s name. Their traditional leather bags fuse style with practicality, and its exactly that combination that makes the Messenger one of their most popular products. This is the navy colourway edition with a navy body and brown fastening straps. What makes the Messenger iconic is the over shoulder strap allowing it to be worn across the body and the flap opening for easy access.

Available at Cambridge Satchel.

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways X, 50ml $245, 100ml $360 (approx. £198/£290)

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways X

Nishane are celebrating their 10th anniversary by relaunching their top five fragrances in a new X series. The collection consists of the Hundred Silent Ways X, Hacivat X, Ani X, Wulong Cha X and Fan Your Flames X, each an ideal gift for a partner. Hundred Silent Ways X has top notes of peach and mandarin, heart notes of jasmin and iris, all of which are supported by base notes of patchouli and leather.

Available at Nishane.

Joe Merino Riva Buttons, €120 (Approx. £105)

Joe Merino Riva Buttons

It’s perhaps not a surprise that a brand called Joe Merino are specialists in creating merino wool products, a fabric that’s celebrated for its relative warmth to weight ratio. What that means is that the Joe Riva short sleeve shirt is soft and lightweight, while also helping with temperature regulation. For 2023 Joe Merino have expanded the Riva Buttons collection with some additional colours including the pale cement tone, which is a lovely neutral tone for any occasion.

Available at Joe Merino.

Swaine Indy Backpack, £2,900

Swaine Indy Backpack

Swaine have been at the peak of London’s luxury market since its inception in 1750, making it one of the oldest names in the luxury industry. However, just because they’re old doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of innovating and developing new concepts, as the Indy Backpack showcases. This brand new collection of bags is handcrafted from full grain calf leather with an Alcantara lined interior and is available in black or cognac. It’s produced in a backpack style with padded shoulder straps for comfortable daily wear.

Available at Swaine.

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