Oracle Recommends: Style Products for February 2023

Vivvant Brion Brown Patina Chelsea Boots, £335

Vivvant Brion Brown Patina Chelsea Boots

The Brion Brown Patona Chelsea Boots from Vivvant are a classic. They’re hand-crafted in their atelier in Florence. The cap-toe’s perforated details give them a classical look, while the heavy rubber sole provides contemporary features, aged with a patina finish that makes the look well loved. The triple V leather stitch on the back represents the triple V in the Vivvant brand name. The perfect fusion of British-inspired design and Italian execution.

Available at Vivvant.

Acqua di Parma Lilly of the Valley Love Letter, £212

Acqua di Parma Lilly of the Valley Love Letter

February is the season of love and Valentine’s Day is here. To celebrate, Acqua di Parma have launched a special edition of their Lily of the Valley fragrance. It features dual tones of Lily of the Valley and zesty citrus notes, evoking scenes of Italian hillsides, the home of Venus. It comes with special packaging including a paper charm and a love note hidden behind a golden wax seal. Making the entire fragrance bottle part of your personal love letter.

Available at Acqua di Parma.

Budd Shirts Herringbone Wool Safari Shirt Blue, £895

Budd Shirts Herringbone Wool Safari Shirt Blue

Budd’s safari shirts have been an iconic part of the London brand’s collections for over a decade. However, safaris aren’t always warm and so for this winter season, they’ve introduced a winter version into the mix. The herringbone wool cloth is woven in England by the Holland & Sherry mill and the cut and quality are exceptional. It features a cool blue colouration and touts four button-up pockets making it as practical as it is stylish.

Available at Budd Shirts.

Vyn Classic Sneakers, £384

Vyn Classic Sneakers

Any sneaker head will be familiar with the desire to buy new shoes and the fear of actually wearing them. It’s inevitable that after being worn for an extended period, signs of wear and tear will appear, especially in vulnerable areas such as the heel. Enter the Vyn Classics, a pair of luxury sneakers with replaceable heels that enable you to repair the shoes yourself. Plus, it also allows you to swap designs to rep your own personal style.

Available at Vyn.

ISTO Cashmere Sweater, £265

ISTO Cashmere Sweater

ISTO are a Portuguese fashion label committed to transparent fashion, which means they can trace the materials used in their clothing back to source. For example, their signature cashmere sweater is crafted from cashmere produced by the iconic Cariaggi factory in Italy, which use the finest fibres from Mongolian mountain goats. The sweater itself is beautifully understated and soft, featuring ribbed cuffs and neckline as well as being available in brown, navy blue and dark grey.

Available at ISTO.

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