Oracle Recommends: Style Products for April 2023

Belstaff Fragment Phoenix Rail Overshirt, £395

Belstaff Fragment Phoenix Rail Overshirt

The Fragment Phoenix Rail Overshirt is a waxed cotton jacket with a lightweight, waterproof construction. It features classic shades of khaki, olive, and drab, matching its camouflage aesthetic, although the pattern itself is not a traditional camo. Instead, it consists of a graphic reinterpretation of the Belstaff phoenix logo, hence the name Fragment Phoenix. It’s a sleek and urban overshirt ready for life outdoors whether in the city or country.

Available at Belstaff.

Cambridge Satchel the 13 Inch Batchel, £215

Cambridge Satchel the 13 Inch Batchel

The Cambridge Satchel Co. is dedicated to crafting exquisite bags and satchels right here in the UK, in Cambridge if that wasn’t already apparent from the brand’s name. Their traditional leather bags fuse style with practicality, and its exactly that combination that makes the 13 Inch Batchel one of their most popular products. This is the new Lagoon colourway edition in black, cream, and sea green. What makes the Batchel stand out is its combination of a shoulder strap and top handle, making it a hybrid satchel-briefcase, hence the name Batchel.

Available at Cambridge Satchel.

Lebarde Natural Eye Cream Gold Bee, £80

Lebarde Natural Eye Cream Gold Bee

Lebarde are a natural cosmetics company inspired by the Colchis region of Georgia, which has traditions of cosmetic production dating back all the way to ancient myths. The primary ingredients of their Natural Eye Cream Gold Bee are honey and florals from the Caucasus mountains. Its combination of vitamins A and C alongside natural compounds provides protective and rejuvenation properties for your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Available at Lebarde.

Boggi Madison Beige Cotton Blend Sweatshirt Jacket, £399

Boggi Madison Beige Cotton Blend Sweatshirt Jacket

The B939 collection from Boggi celebrates the coming of spring and summer with a combination sweatshirt jacket with removable gilet and hood. It’s designed so that it’s appropriate regardless of the temperature, ensuring it will have good longevity within your seasonal wardrobe. Boggi are a wide ranging fashion brand based in Milan, the home of Italian fashion and style, on the pulse of trends and styles.

Available at Boggi.

ISTO. Oxford Shirt, £115

ISTO. Oxford Shirt

ISTO. is a Portuguese fashion label committed to transparent and sustainable fashion. Their Oxford Shirt is made from 100% organic cotton with a heavy cloth quality that makes sure it will last for a long time while retaining a lightweight and breathable feel when worn. There are plenty of colours available including white, light grey, light blue, white and pink striped, white and blue striped, white and green striped and dark blue. From the office to parties, it’s the perfect shirt for any occasion.

Available at ISTO.

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