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Oracle Recommends: Motoring for May 2023

Bentley 1924 3 Litre VDP Red Label, Price on Request

Bentley 1924 3 Litre VDP Red Label

This is a Bentley 3 Litre Red Label on offer from Tom Hardman on a 1924 chassis 665. The car is offered in great condition with full provenance including an extensive history of previous owners, as well as a comprehensive list of repairs and alterations. Over the course of its existence, it has competed in numerous classic car events and races and is in suitable rally condition. Tom Hardman is a vintage car specialist operating out of Ribble Valley in Lancashire but with clientele and satisfied customers around the world.

More details at at Tom Hardman.

Gunther Werks GW9 GT2 RS Evo Aero Front Spoiler, $9,295 (approx. £7,500)

Gunther Werks GW9 GT2 RS Evo Aero Front Spoiler

Gunther Werks have built a reputation for themselves as one of the foremost experts in modifying Porsches. Their cars are jaw drop worthy to say the least. However, the chances of owning a custom Gunther Werks are low and so they’ve introduced the new GW9 accessories line to broaden their audience. The GW9 GT2 RS EVO AERO Front Spoiler is but one part of a carbon accessories body kit that they now produce for the Porsche 991.2 911 GT2RS.

More details at Gunther Werks.

1949 Triumph Roadster 2000, £24,000

1949 Triumph Roadster 2000

This 1949 Triumph Roadster 2000 was fully restored in the 1990s and has just 4000 miles on the clock since then, ensuring it has maintained good condition. The maroon bodywork is gloriously rich and combines with the light brown interior really well. Its previous owners reportedly kept it in Cornwall where it was perfect for sunny excursions to the beach.

More details at Car and Classic.

1939 Talbot Lago T120

1939 Talbot Lago T120

The Talbot Lago T120 is the kind of car that can’t help but put a smile on your face when you see it dashing around a country lane or taking part in vintage sports-car championships. This is one of only two T120s created, designed as a replica of the formidable T150 Tourist Trophy Sports, making it exceptionally rare. This car has a well-documented history dating back all the way to 1939 when it was gifted as payment to a racing driver, since then it has gone on to become a successful racing car in its own right, competing in endurance rallies and road tours.

More details at Tom Hardman.

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4, £599,995

1972 Ferrari 365 GTB 4

The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 has a nickname that many watch fans will be familiar with because it shares it with one of the most iconic Rolexes in history, the Daytona. That’s because this model of Ferrari helped secure the brand secure an historic one-two-three finish at the 24-hours of Daytona. This specific example is a 1972 model with less than 20k mileage and presented in signature Ferrari red. Its sweeping bodywork is absolutely flawless and beneath the bonnet is a fiery 4.4-litre V12 that made the Daytona the fastest production car in the world at the time, reaching a top speed of 174mph.

More details at Amari Supercars.

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