Ming 17.03 Ultra Blue & Blue

For a Malaysian-based micro-brand just a year old, Ming has been making waves since it burst onto the scene. They’ve released three core models in that time, ranging from the time-only 17.01 to the 17.03 GMT. They’re nothing technically ground-breaking, but they are incredibly cool. Even so, they have nothing on Ming’s anniversary edition.

Ming 17.03 Ultra Blue

The Ultra Blue is, as its name suggests, very blue. The dial is a deep, metallic beauty with the now-signature continuous line of lume to denote the numbers and chapter ring. More interestingly though, the titanium case has been blued – and by none other than founder Ming Thein himself.

Ming 17.03 Ultra Blue
Ming 17.03 Ultra Blue

There are only 25 pieces available and, as each is done by hand, no two cases will be exactly the same, with their own combination of shades. If Ming keeps this up we won’t be able to refer to them as a ‘micro’ brand any more.

Ming 17.03 Blue
Ming 17.03 Blue

If you do want to get your hands on one of the Ultra Blues, just be aware there’s already a waiting list. If you don’t get on don’t be too blue; there’s also the Ming 17.03 Blue… but it’s just not quite as ultra.

Price & Specs:

    • Model name: Ming 17.03 GMT Ultra Blue and Blue
    • Dial/case: 38mm x 9.8mm diameter, heat-blued grade 2 titanium or normal grade 2 titanium
    • Movement: Caliber Sellita SW 330-1 GMT automatic mechanical movement, top grade
      Water resistance: 100m
    • Power reserve: 42h
      Price & availability: The 17.03 Ultra Blue is priced at CHF 2,500 and limited to 25 pieces (already sold out!), whereas the 17.03 Blue is priced at CHF 1,500 which includes two straps, or CHF 1,800 for an additional bracelet

More at: ming.watch