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Keep Watch: The Ultimate Accessories for your Timepiece

Rapport Turbine Watch Winder (£4,750)

Rapport Turbine Watch Winder

Inspired by the design of an aeroplane engine, this cool turbine watch winder from Rapport is a meticulously engineered piece. Finished with a sleek black veneer and with silver detailing, it has handy selectable rotation direction, which means any watch will be happy.

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Wolf Axis Watch Winder (£415 – £2,775)

Wolf Axis Watch Winder

Wolf ’s collection of watch winders, watch boxes and jewellery cases never disappoint, and their combination of sleek design and own special patented technology is a winning one. Take the brand-new Axis Watch Winder, which protects your watches effortlessly and looks pretty good doing so – we especially love the super-cool copper coating.

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Modalo Timeless MV4 Watch Winder (around £3,000)

Mondalo MV4 Watch Winder

Modalo’s Timeless MV4 Watch Winder combines exquisite materials – the front panel is made from Makassar wood – and thoughtful tech for a winder that looks good and is user-friendly. Optimised durable engines ensure the winding is a smooth (and quiet) process, while the settings mean each winding module can be set individually.

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Boca do Lobo Millionaire Safe (around £32,000)

Boca do Lobo Millionaire Luxury Safe

You can’t get much grander than the Millionaire Luxury Safe by Boca do Lobo, which is carved from mahogany and dipped in gold for extra precious points. If it’s not your safe, you’re not getting in – protected with a secret code and with a door with a separate closing system, know that your watches can rest undisturbed.

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Buben & Zorweg Grande Precision Time Mover (£73,500)

Buden & Zorweg Grande Precision Time Mover

One for serious watch collectors only. The incredible Buben & Zorweg Grande Precision Time Mover holds 32 self-winding watches, and includes a humidifying system, state-of-the-art LED lighting with a flattering fading function and an ultra-secure German security lock with optional alarm system. Oh, and it’s also a pretty impressive timekeeping device itself – its pendulum clock has 31 days power reserve, not to mention a world time complication.

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Dom Reilly Watch Roll (£205)

Dom Reilly Watch Roll

A watch roll is a must-have when travelling, and the elegant green of the full-grain leather on this Dom Reilly piece makes it one of our favourites. It can hold up to four watches and absorbs 97% of the shock from an impact, so don’t think twice about packing your best pieces for your next trip.

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William & Son Watch Box (£650)

William & Son Watch Box

Lined in soft beige alcantara and with four smooth watch cushions, this William & Son Watch Box in burgundy grampian leather is some seriously stylish storage.

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Super Veloce Espresso Machine (around £9,560)

Super Veloce Espresso Veloce Nero Carbonio

Ok so it isn’t exactly a horology essential, but it would be a shame to omit one of the most incredibly-made lifestyle accessories out there. The superb Espresso Veloce Nero Carbonio is hand-crafted and precision machined from aluminium, titanium and super alloys used in high-spec Grand Prix engines. Finished in anodised jet black and with a base plate crafted from thermoset carbon fibre, it’s an espresso maker with a difference – to put it mildly.

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Vulcan Innova VI52 Watch Winder (around £18,000)

Vulcan Innova V152 Winder

The awesome VI52 winder from Vulcan Innova shares the same passion for slick technicality as a sports car, and indeed, uses the same engine block as BMW. Here, once modified to host watches, it means each winder can hold up to three pre-programmed modes, with the engine piston re-engineered as the watch holder.

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