Faberge Heritage Collection

The Iconic World Of Fabergé

With a fascinating history that spans over 175 years, welcome to the world of Fabergé...
Ginza Tanaka Solid Gold Darth Vader Mask

Solid Gold Darth Vader Mask Up For Sale For $1.4 Million

Tokyo based jeweller Ginza Tanaka reveals a life-sized solid gold Darth Vadar mask for a whopping $1.4 Million...

Interview: Roberto Coin (Italian Jewellery Designer)

From hotel manager to successful fine jewellery designer, step forward the founder of the much-loved Roberto Coin marque...

Restoration Theatre 

Welcome to the treasures of Parmigiani’s restoration programme...

The Donald. The Diamonds.

He’s the man that can afford to buy just about anything, so why has the President of the Unites States of America been caught gifting out pretend bling?

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